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The Overunity Shop
Steorn셲 free SKDB Lite collaboratory for engineers
Gregory Daigle (gdaigle)   
Steorn Ltd of Ireland, the small engineering consultancy derided by tech pundits for claiming to have achieved 쐎verunity, has brushed aside the remarks and instead offered free access to their online collaboratory. Membership for 쏶KDB Lite is being offered free to users who sign up beginning June 10.

Here is the announcement from Steorn:

The SKDB Lite is a free access knowledge sharing and technology development community created by Steorn for all electronic and electrical engineers interested in magnetics. The SKDB Lite offers engineers and developers the opportunity to:

쨌 review magnetics and engineering e-Learning content

쨌 experience the power of the SKDB package as a development and collaboration platform

쨌 expand and develop the community셲 collective knowledge of magnetics

쨌 promote further research and development in all fields of magnetics and permanent magnet materials

쨌 create an environment where people with a common interest can share ideas

Steorn will support the development and advancement of the SKDB Lite by adding new e-learning content and support documents on a regular basis and by contributing to relevant discussions.

In July 2006 the small engineering consultancy declared they had cracked overunity by producing more energy with their super-secret device than it consumed. Claims of 쐄raud, 쐓elf deception and 쐍onsense from ABC, the BBC and The Economist followed. Detractors writing for Engadget and Wired mixed skepticism with clever quips while others parroted the mantra of StarTrek's Scotty, 쏞aptain, you can셳 change the laws of physics.

Late last year Steorn occupied the Waterways Centre in the heart of Dubin and invited the public to view demonstrations of their 쐃-Orbo in person or via live streaming. The reactions by those in attendance - even those who understood the precise measurements being taken - were mixed. Demonstrations are not a substitute for engineers getting 쐆ands-on with the technology... and Steorn agrees.

In April Steorn officially launched their Knowledge Development Base (SKDB), a private playground for engineers interested in replicating and developing Steorn셲 intellectual property into products for consumer and industrial markets. To be clear, Steorn won셳 make or sell devices. Rather, they are interested in manufacturers adopting their patented approaches to energy production.

There are two versions of the SKDB: SKDB and SKDB Lite. In April the full SKDB opened to those willing to pay the Annual License and Membership fee of 궗419.00. On June 10 SKDB Lite was opened for free public membership. Registration can be found here.

The full version of the SKDB includes the same basic introductory video guides, e-Learning modules and support documents provided by SKDB Lite. In addition, it includes sections on methodologies, procedures, schematics and parts lists used to measure and test Orbo devices.

For those merely curious or unwilling to pay there is SKDB Lite. In the 쐋ite version of the SKDB the non-technical can view many of the some background materials used in the SKDB and discuss with others engineering, building techniques or what it would mean for the world if Steorn셲 claims were validated. It requires a simple registration and what you get in return is really quite a good background in physics and magnetics.

The content that a new 쐋ite member sees has gone through several iterations of design, development and testing with users who have stuck with Steorn for the past three years. Today, SKDB Lite is a very robust and technically sophisticated site. It offers less than the specific CAD and video tutorials of the full SKDB, yet it makes for a very engaging and educational experience.

Getting the Logic

SKDB Lite uses Clearspace by Jive Software. It is a very capable professional tool for online collaboration and sharing of documents. Beginners are directed to 쏥etting Started, an area containing a dozen well produced videos with voiceovers instructing new members on various newbie skills such as creating new documents, specifying collaboration options, starting and managing groups, starting and managing projects and other aspects of working within this cooperative space.

The M-H Curve
©2010 Steorn Ltd.
The Modules in the e-Learning section covers 27 topics pertinent to understanding the logic behind Steorn셲 claims. These elegantly produced Flash modules are broken down into topical categories covering basic physics, rotary systems, magnetism, rotating electromagnetic systems, tools for data analysis and tools for testing. Module titles include:

Force, Energy, Work and Power
Introduction to Thermodynamics
Key Concepts in Rotary Systems
The M-H Curve and Magnetic Domains
The Magnetic Force Equation
Counter EMF
Data Acquisition Systems

The learning modules are rich with animations and flowing graphics demonstrating some of the basics that will be familiar to engineers or anyone who has taken a course in physics. Lessons may be accessed in any order. They contain written content mirrored by a narrator with a distinct Irish lilt to her voice.

Counter ElectroMotive Force (CEMF)
©2010 Steorn Ltd.
Each lesson is followed by a series of multiple choice or T/F questions quizzing the user on their understanding of the content presented within the lesson. No need to worry about being graded or failing as all the quizzes give feedback but are not scored in a way that would limit your access to other modules.

Support Documents include almost 20 documents detailing formulae and backgrounds of the physics of electrical resistance, the magnetocaloric effect, inductance, magnetostriction, magnetic viscosity and other topics. They are all in Adobe pdf format and, though they don셳 include source references, the content seems to have distilled the essential information related to the topics. If you are a practicing engineer or physicist you would feel right at home with these support documents.

Proof is in the Making

Is SKDB Lite enough to convince doubters of the validity of Steorn셲 claims or to build an Orbo device?

No. If you go in a doubter you will likely leave with your mind unchanged. However, having pulled back the veil of secrecy somewhat it is clear that Steorn has not been sitting idle during these past few years.

Steorn is clearly intent on making a valuable resource available to engineers and non-engineers in an open environment format. There you may enter into discussions with others about Steorn technology and its possible impacts.

You may not leave convinced of overunity, but you will leave convinced of Steorn셲 commitment to providing an educational foundation. New 쐋ite members who take the time to review and understand the materials may leave with a better understanding of a potential new innovation in energy generation for an oil-weary world.
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