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Symbol of Rupee: Symbol of moving India ahead
Ashish N. Kerketta (pisces16)   
In the new horizon of Indian Financial system, the Indian cabinet selected a new symbol for the Indian Rupee. It will replace INR (Indian Rupee) to that of symbol representation similar to Euro and Dollar sign, taking the Indian currency to global presence thereby, developing a market entry strategy to raise its potential power in global term.
The major decision taken by the Finance minister Pranav Mukherjee to enhance the liquidity of the Indian currency has been applaud by many Economist and the leaders of the National Parties. A new symbol for the Indian Rupee comprises of Devanagari ? (Ra) and the Roman 쏳 forming a composite logo ( ) without stem which is based on the Indian tricolor and arithmetic equivalence. This design is created by Uday Kumar, student of the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai. The new logo reflects and captures the Indian culture and Ethos whereelse; it also describes Money & Wealth. However, it would standardize the expression for India to enter the circle of global economic players. At the time when the Indian Rupee has been strengthening against all major currencies, a new identity will help Indian companies to raise equity capital in the International market. India being substantial financial markets, the symbol of Rupee will actively encourage the entrance of foreign players into the market and also overseas investments.
The Unicode currency ( ) will shape the value of economy of the country. In marketing terms, this is a rebranding exercise. Brands are a promise of superior performance that forms a set of associates in peoples mind. This is what ?the rebranding has to reflect, what the underlying brand is about, a growing economy, a confident economy and a large economy.
The big challenge for the RBI셎 trade activity will be the effective exchange rates. The current logo will mark its originality and difference from similar banknotes of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.
The currency in a banking sector will have a cash flow management and in the stock market, the points will evaluate to its highest rank.
The Indian market is widely diverse. In terms of language, ethnic diversity etc. The tastes and preferences differ greatly among sections of consumers. The new identity of currency will show the stability and the strength as a nation, both political and economic.
No, doubt it will increase the productivity of the country, there are some serious views on whether the new symbol will help to elevate India셲 position in International Global Economy.while, countering a few facts of the new currency symbol with that of Euro, yen and Dollar will no matter being one of the largest growing resources in the world. Surely it deserves to get an internationally accepted symbol that will move India ahead.

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