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Charles Sobhraj sentenced lifetime imprisonment by Nepalese Supreme Court
after a long legal process international criminal Charles Sobhraj put behind the bars.
Sunita Pokharel (sunita)   
Supreme Court of Nepal convicted the French national Charles Gurumukh Sobhraj, the 'bikini killer', for the murder of American Connie Joe Bronzich, on Friday. Upholding the verdicts of Kathmandu District Court(KDC) and Patan Apellate Court(PAC) of 2004 and 2005 respectively, Apex Court finally delivered its verdict of lifetime imprisonment.

Sobhraj has been charged of possessing fake passport and two 1975 murders one is of Bronzich and another is of her Canadian boyfriend Laurent Ormond Carriere in the capital city of Nepal. Although the Friday's verdict convicted him for the murder of American girl and fake passport case only, the chances to face the charges of the murder of Carrier is still there.

7 years after his arrest Sobhraj sentenced to life in prison which means he still has to spend 13 years in jail. In spite of the lack of direct and strong evidences, on the basis of circumstantial evidences Supreme Court gave it's final verdict leaving no room for him to take another legal process in Nepal. As to remind challenging the verdict of KDC Sobhraj knocked the door of PAC and as PAC uphold the KDC verdict he then moved to Supreme Court in 2006 against earlier verdicts.

Government prosecutors presented the photocopies that proved his stay in Nepal in 1975,the time of the murder of two foreigners in Sanga and Manahara where as Sobhraj had been defending his visit in Nepal before the time of his arrest from the Cassino of capital in September 20,2003. However the confession of Sobhraj to the Indian Plice about his stay in Nepal during the time , helped the joint bench of justices Ram Kumar Prasad Shah and Gauri Dhakal to convict this 'serial killer'.

International criminal rather a 'serpent' Charles Sobhraj success-ed to escape from the jail time to time and this is the reason why internationally Sobhraj became the subject of interest. Many cases in different countries were waiting for his arrest and Nepal took the credit of putting him behind the bar.

Nihita Bishwas, who Sobhraj reportedly married in 2008,alleged the Supreme Court a corrupt and the decision bias, and also challenged to take the case in International Court of Justice(ICJ) in the hope of getting verdict in his favor. Lets see Sobhraj who is charged of more than 20 murders will get verdict from ICJ in his favor or not.

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