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Kyrgyz SDP Leader: Assassination Plot Thwarted
Bakyt Beshimov claims GKNB was involved in a plot to kill him
Ryskeldi Satkeev (ryskeldi64)     Print Article 
Published 2009-11-23 15:24 (KST)   
This article is only lightly edited.  <Editor's Note>
Ryskeldi Satke: Upon your arrival to the US, from the Kyrgyz Republic, you mentioned hostile actions taken by the Kyrgyz Government against you at a meeting with journalists and representatives of John Hopkins University in Washington, DC. Would you clarify, in detail, what exactly happened?

Bakyt Beshimov: It would be enough to say that wiretapping and surveillance has been conducted by the Counter Intelligence Department of GKNB (renamed and transformed Kyrgyz KGB) and the Special Unit of the State Security Service of the Kyrgyz Republic. The head of the GKNB, Mr. Sutalinov, directly threatened me in May of 2009, during session of the Parliament, saying: "We are closely working on you, already, and soon it'll be over." It was said so frankly and arrogantly. My wife and I constantly observed some people following us everywhere. Specifically, surveillance intensified in the last six months prior to my departure.

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A few times I had a security device broken in my office in the mornings because someone was inside the office a night before going through my documents. They tried to get into my house as well, with some kind of technical repair or check. So, they were cutting the electrical wires outside the house and disabling the phone line along with Internet, despite the fact that my account with Communication Carrier was in good standing.

My office in Parliament was bugged with video and audio surveillance chips. My State service automobile has been kept under their electronic and audio surveillance. Complete surveillance was applied to all of my visitors and contact persons. Many visitors told me gently that they had a rough conversations with people from GKNB. They have been told not to contact me anymore, otherwise complications would occur. There has been number of attempts to hack my computer files and e-mail. There was not a single meeting with the voters during presidential election campaign without blatant GKNB, the Interior Affairs Ministry and local authorities interference. A number of times they were trying to cause provocative actions in public places, just to cause serious body harm to me and to my wife.

In the Talas province of Western Kyrgyzstan, our friends alerted me and Roza Otunbaeva (Member of the Social Democratic political faction in the Parliament) of assassination attempt being set up warning us not to return to Bishkek city through the mountain pass where it was supposed to take a place. In March of 2009, there was an attempt to organize a car accident in Jalal-Abad province of Southern Kyrgyzstan. The GKNB's provocative forgery with invitations from Hizb ut-Tahrir (Sunni religious political party) sent on my name had a purpose of creating restrictions on my travel around CIS countries.

On March 6, 2009, the SDPK came out with official statement that there was assassination attempt through a car accident while I had a meeting with voters in the Jalal-Abad province on March 3, 2009.

The scheme, as we discovered later, was this: to a certain place, near the exit from the first tunnel on the highway Jalal Abad Bishkek, traffic police on several occasions stop my car and report that I was speeding. Then truck closes the road, while another slides my car off the highway into the ravine.

The official version of the accident would have been confirmed by speeding reports from Traffic Police.

That day, March 3, 2009 , the police officer stopped my car for the third time and took away my chauffeur's driver's license without explanation, leaving the scene quickly. I realized that there was a tragedy waiting for me up ahead. Thanks to some people in the Interior Affairs Ministry, who gave me an important information at a time when I was trying to figure out, what to do next.

For the organizers of the attempt, it was a complete surprise that I turned around and took another direction. By the way, exactly a week later Sadyrkulov was killed in a "car accident."

On March 6, I had a press conference on this subject and gathered material with photos to the General Prosecutor. I have sent the documents with evidence including plate numbers of the automobiles that have followed me in Osh city and interfered with official work. No prosecution procedures were taken and no response came from the leadership of Parliament, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Interior Affairs Ministry.

Journalists and prominent human rights activists have been present at the meetings of the SDPK faction with the General Prosecutor, head of the Interior Affairs and director of GKNB, when those officials have always denied the obvious and called the black as white. At the end of the answer to your question, recall the words of the counsel Luzhansky in the case of deceased Sadyrkulov:

"Defense did not find a causal connection between the light crash of automobiles 'Audi' and 'Lexus,' and the deaths of Lexus SUV passengers."

Everybody can see that, the case is sewn with white thread.
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