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The Biggest Billionaires, Listed
Analysis of the Forbes list of billionaires
Alfredo Ascanio (askain)     Print Article 
Published 2010-03-15 14:40 (KST)   
In their latest special report, Forbes magazine has reported that there are 25 billionaires, who have a total wealth of about US$640 billion. Only three of these, however, have accumulated 24 percent of that total, with an average of $51 billion each. The remainder, or 22 billionaires, has an average wealth of about $22 billion each, for a total of $486.6 billion.

The top three billionaires, in rank order, are in this order: Carlos Slim Helu, William Gates III, and Warren Buffett.

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The first among the 25 billionaires, what has the son of Lebanese Mexican Carlos Slim Helu, with a family wealth of U.S. $ 53.5 billion. Then William Gates III followed with assets equal to U.S. $ 53.0 billion and Warren Buffett with a net wealth equal to U.S. $ 47.0 billion.

If the wealth of the Walton family (of the Wal-Mart retail giant) was combined, it would be about $83.6 billion, or 13% of the total billionare's wealth, and more than half of the assets of Slim, Gates and Buffett.

Of the billionaires, 40 percent are American, 28 percent Europeans, and eight percent each for India, Latin America, China, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

More than 70 percent of the 25 billionaires had a median age between 58 to 60 years. Only 20% of billionaires, or 5 people, are older than 80, and only one is young: Sergey Brin, the 36-year-old founder of Google.

The billionaires on the list are engaged in telecommunications, technology, shopping malls or department stores, oil refineries, gas, petrochemical, mining, real estate, furniture, vehicles, tourism, beauty products, multimedia, and banks.

One might infer that these families have invested in a 50% in manufacturing, 38% in the service activity and the remaining 12% in the field of communications or multimedia.

The full list of these important billionaires are as follows: Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico), William Gates II (USA), Warren Buffett (USA), Mukesh Ambani (India), Lakshmi Mittal (India), Lawrence Ellison (USA), Bernard Arnault (France), Eike Batista (Brazil), Amancio Ortega (Spain), Karl Albrecht (Germany), Ingvar Kamprad (Switzerland), Christy Walton (USA), Stefan Persson (Sweden), Li Ka-shing (China), Jim Walton (USA), Alice Walton (USA), Liliane Bettencourt (Franncia), Robson Walton (USA), Prince Alwaleed Bin Talai Alsaud (Saudi Arabia), David Thomson (Canada), Michael Otto (Germany), Lee Shau Kee (China ) Michael Bloomberg (USA), Sergey Brin (USA), Charles Koch (USA).

Some conclusions are possible:

(1) billionaires are a rare human species
(2) To be billionaire needs a full working life
(3) There are few billionaires who inherited their wealth
(4) The wealth comes from a family member who started a business
(5) No formal education is required but the ability to be a trader
(6) The development environment of the country is a necessary variable
(7) No one is a billionaire from investing in the primary sector of the economy: agriculture, livestock and fishing, unless it is an activity that integrates manufacturing
(8) In the modern and globalized world to be billionaire is required to know the technology field and have a university education.
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