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London and New York: Survivors in Solidarity
Logo of outraged resistance emerges hours after deadly attacks
Mark Rose (markrose)     Print Article 
Published 2005-07-10 12:43 (KST)   
New York City -- A few days ago I posted an item on my blog congratulating London on the Olympics. The tone invoked typical New York chauvinistic brio -- take the Olympics, please. Within 24 hours, after bombs blew up a bus and ripped through subways in London, the post seemed insensitive and inappropriate.

News moves fast. Suddenly, bragging rights gave way to recognition in grief. The U.S. broke from Britain in a violent revolution 230 years ago; our experiment in democracy is inextricably linked to theirs.

The attack in London came three days after the U.S. Independence Day celebration, and five days after the big hoopla announcing the final plan for the "Freedom Tower," the fortified replacement to the twin towers that were felled by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001.

July 7 was also the day after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics, the day leaders of eight civilized nations met to take action to assist less fortunate countries. Sept. 11 occurred during New York's mayoral primary.

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This gang of terrorists is cognizant of the public relations potential of its actions. They have become adept at staging deadly events that reek of symbolic contempt of the evil infidels.

I walked through the New York City streets for hours the day of the London blast on July 7. It was a day I formerly only recognized as the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain -- a different sort of brutality that seemed especially comic on this day.

Now we will have "London blast" "7/7" anniversaries. We will follow victims as they recover. Plenty of funerals. The investigation and the hunt will be front-page drama. London now supplants Madrid, Moscow and New York for the most current terror horror story, a day after it beat those same cities for the honor of hosting the Olympics.

On 7/7 security was obviously tightened all over Manhattan. Suddenly soldiers in camouflage and all-black clothed Ninjas with machine guns were pacing on nearly every street corner.

My brother called from California. "You afraid to go in the subway?" he asked. I laughed, probably the same reaction you would get from a Londoner to that question. The city did seem quieter, in solidarity with our former oppressors, united against our common enemy.

The attitude was stoic, not brash. New York behaved like London -- determined, resolved to carry on in defiant "normalcy."

Whatever problem you had with the Brits instantly dissolved that day. We were all Londoners 7/7, like we were all New Yorkers after 9/11.

An Italian graphic designer's "London Stands" has become a symbol of resistance to terrorism on the Internet. He is donating proceeds to the Red Cross.
©2005 Dario Agosta
New Media Bubbles Through Tragedy

We are seeing a lot of photos of the London blasts taken with cell phone cameras. The BBC posted photos that were sent in by citizens. Once again we are reaching beyond traditional news sources for information, visuals and "feelings" attached to a tragedy.

An Italian graphic artist who goes by the handle dario.agosta blogged this at londonstands.blogspot.com:

"To me, London tube is a major symbol of London, and its identity is a major symbol of what good graphic design should be.

... none of us can really feel he or she is safe and sound from what happened in London yesterday, or from what happened in Madrid last year, or from what happened in New York in 2001, or from what happened and still is happening in occupied countries. None. Of. Us.

But, what can I really do (apart from quitting writing such drivel?). Good point, gosh. I am a designer, I design bloody things."

And so he did. The reaction was so great that he quickly produced more symbols, and then came the buttons and the T-shirts and all the marketing savvy you would expect of Amazon.com.

Tragedy drives citizen journalists to immediate expression through personal news sources. Within 48 hours a newly created global icon turns into news-driven e-commerce for an enterprising graphic designer. Citizen journalists and bloggers help us to understand the news.
dario.agosta blog - London Standing

7/7 Community (formerly London Bomb Blasts) photos

BBC collection of citizen photos of 7/7
©2005 OhmyNews
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