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Korea Cannot Be Peacefully Unified
[Opinion] Citizen reporter Samuel Lee says the world must face some hard questions about North Korea
Samuel Lee (slee1981)     Print Article 
Published 2005-09-19 10:21 (KST)   
North Korea

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has ruled the North with an iron fist and fear; they have suppressed and eliminated any opposition to their power by brutal means. The North has put the well-being of their army first at the expense of millions of starving North Korean civilians.

The DPRK is the most brutal and merciless dictatorship in the world (not including China). They are responsible for the longest state of misery and despair the Korean people have ever experienced, even longer than the Japanese occupation of Korea. The dictatorship's ruthlessness and stubbornness has resulted in their refusal to acknowledge faults. They have put on the masquerade that North Korea is strong, while millions have died through starvation, public and private executions and torture or "re-education."

When Madeline Albright, the United States Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration, visited North Korea, Kim Jong Il put on a show that mesmerized her and her aides. An aide described it as "a show to end all shows," while the timing and synchronization amazed himself and his colleagues.

As he arrived at the 100,000-plus seat stadium, he thought it was empty; there was no sound, you could hear a pin drop. When they entered the stadium, a tidal wave of sound hit them as the capacity crowd let out a great roar. The choreography put the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney Olympics to shame.

There are some questions that must be asked: if the DPRK did not have enough money to feed their citizens, how were the performers paid, how long were they rehearsing? If they were not in perfect unison were they threatened with starvation or with a free-paid trip to Club DPRK for re-education and a therapeutic session of torture?

South Korea

After coups and dictatorships, invasions of privacy, the restriction of the freedom of the press, and an endless supply of corrupt government officials from all administrations, the Kim and Roh administrations are left with some corruption. The level of corruption in their administrations alone is more than in the entire history of Australian politics.

The South Korean people do not use logic when it comes to politics, they use emotion-- a very dangerous thing. Ever seen a 386er (a Korean in his or her 30s, educated in the 80s and born in the 1960s) wielding a metal pipe during a riot? The conservatives abused their power and revoked South Korea's civil liberties, the liberals overthrow the conservatives, they vow to maintain a free, democratic government, then turn around and do the same thing as the conservatives.

There are several questions pro-North and pro-unification activists refuse to ask themselves about North Korea and themselves.

Can Kim Jong Il, a man that has murdered millions to maintain control, relinquish his power over North Korea and restrain himself from taking the reins of a unified Korea? Will North Korean hardliners allow a democratic, unified Korea?

Will South Koreans be content with no human rights, are they willing to call Kim Jong Il, "Dear Leader," are they willing to undo the economic and technological supremacy they have built during their democratic era? Are these emotional, self-righteous and sometimes downright violent South Koreans willing to bow down and submit their lives to the DPRK?

The answer to all these questions is "No." Kim Jong Il would rather "burn Seoul in a sea of fire" than see a unified democratic Korea and South Koreans would rather die than give up their freedom. Remember, next time you decide to riot, a democratic government would shoot over you, while the DPRK would shoot at you. A democratic government is answerable to the people and the media, but the DPRK is answerable to no one.

Unification cannot be done peacefully with the DPRK still controlling the North and emotion is clouding this glaring fact.
Samuel Lee has a blog site http://eastasiaaffairs.blog.com/

Sam is a Korean, born and raised in Australia. He has a BA in Commerce (Accounting) and is currently employed as an accountant in Sydney. He has much-loved relatives in both North and South Korea.
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