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Subject : China's Role in the Korean War
Name : HeroChina Date : 2005-07-29 00:52  View : 18327  : 15  : 22  
China's Role in the Korean War
by Dongxiao Yue, University of Minnesota
Dec. 9, 1950 - MacArthur wants 26 atomic bombs. His plan is to "drop 30-50 bombs strung across the neck of Manchuria;.."

I have watched a few US TV programs documenting the Korean War; in them the Americans were heroes - MacArthur was a great hero. Recently, I read a book about the Korean War, and the truth is: the Americans were criminals who massacred millions of Korean c ivilians and MacArthur was no more than a lunatic who wanted a global nuclear war.
The book is available on line at Eyewitness: A North Korean Remembers. I have picked some highlights and posted it here, so those who have been brain-washed severely by Western propaganda can now learn the truth.

A Lesson to the Chinese: We must have the necessary force to deter the insane people from attacking our homeland.

Excerpts begin:

Sept. 27, 1950 - The British intelligence learns of a Chinese military council decision to intervene in Korea. US ignores this information. Simultaneously Chou announces publicly that "China will send troops across the frontier to participate in defense o f North Korea." The hawks at the State Dept. led by Acheson and Rusk label Chou's statement a "bravado - part of a joint Soviet-Chinese diplomatic effort to save the North Korean regime." This arrogance (or ignorance) is shared by the CIA.
Stalin got scared and has changed his mind about sending his air force to fight US. Stalin has realized that China and USSR have a mutual defense treaty which obligates him to fight on the side of Mao, if US goes to war with China. Stalin states that "Com rade Kim Il Sung must form a government in exile in northeast China" and that the best he can do for Mao is to send back the Chinese pilots in training in Russia. Stalin is playing a game with Mao and Kim. He wants to bleed US to death in Korea at the exp ense of Kim and Mao.

Mao Zedung continues - "With regard to the adoption of the positive policies described above, for China and Korea and Asia and even going out to world as a whole, this is very advantageous. If we do not send troops, the enemy will control all the way up t o the environs of the Yalu River, and, as far as the boasts of the reactionary forces within China are concerned. they would gradually grow higher and it would be disadvantageous for us in various respects. The whole of the Northeast Defense forces would be pinned down on the front line and the military forces in southern Manchuria would be completely dominated. For this reason. we came to the following conclusion. We must participate in the war. The benefits from participating in the war would be very gr eat. The damage from not participating in war would be very great."

Oct. 14, 1950 - Wake Island: Dean Rusk is not convinced and asks MacArthur point-blank - "What about the Chinese threat?". MacArthur answers: "I do not fully understand why the Chinese have gone out on such a limb and they must be greatly embarrassed by t he predicament in which they find themselves." Truman believes every word of the great general - "Good-bye, sir. Happy landing. It has been a real honor to talk to you... I've never had a more satisfactory conference since I've been President,,,".

Oct. 18, 1950 - Beijing: Mao orders Peng to start his move next day (Oct. 19, 1950).

Oct. 26 - N Korea (west): The Chinese regulars virtually wipe out [Image] the ROK 6th and 8th divisions at Onjin. Simultaneously, the ROK 1st Div. is hit hard and collapses at Unsan. The ROK Army in the west evaporates. The 8th Army's advance comes to a halt and the entire front lines are in chaos. MacArthur's intelligence chief (Gen. Willoughby - perhaps, the most incompetent man on MacArthur's staff) is still repeating -"the auspicious time for intervention has long since passed."

Nov. 1 - US X Corps (Gen. Almond) moves to Hamhung. MacArthur orders [Image] indiscriminate carpet bombing of every village, town and city still in the communists control. For the first time, Russian MiG's manned by the Soviets appear to fight the America ns. The X Corps consists of the 1st Marine and the 7th Infantry. The Hamhung City Hall is the X Corps Headquarters.

...the enemy forces and withdraw to their mountain sanctuaries. Peng hopes that MacArthur has gotten the message and get out of N Korea without further losses. Peng needs to rest and resupply his troops. Peng needs time to assess battle performance of the enemy and refine his tactics.

Nov. 8, 1950 - Peng Dehuai was wrong - MacArthur did not get it. MacArthur orders his air force to starts a massive bombing of Manchurian border installations, and anything standing south of the border - "every factory, every city, and village." The Joint Chiefs of Staff approve the order without consulting the State Dept. The air force commander, Gen. Stratemeyer, reports Mac's order to his superiors in Washington which is leaked to the State Dept. All hell breaks out. The State Dept. countermands MacArt hur's order. But Truman sides with MacArthur.

Gen. Ned Almond, the X Corps commander, flies to the Changjin Reservoir and tells Task Force Smith (the 7th Infantry Division) - "The enemy who is attacking you is nothing more than some remnants of Chinese divisions fleeing north. We are still attacking and we're going all the way to the Yalu. Don't let a bunch of Chinese laundrymen stop you." Almonds hands out medals and returns to his hotel suite in Hamhung. Task Force Faith, including its commander, Col. Don Faith, is squashed that night by the Chines e. Captured GI's are released to the US Marines stationed south of the Reservoir. Peng wants the 5th and 7th US Marine Regiments destroyed. Song Shilu's 9th Army Group has more than 100,000 men assigned to encircle and exterminate some 20,000 US marines - the best fighting men of the world.

Peng Dehuai doesn't care about the US 7th Infantry or the three ROKA divisions, numbering more than 100,000 men; he lets them escape from Wonsan, Hungnam and Chanjin via US, Japanese and S Korean ships.

Nov. 25 - Peng Dehuai starts his long-awaited major offensive by smashing the ROK II Corps in the west and the US 1st Marine Div. in the east. The South Korean troops are out-flanked and out-run. Three S Korean infantry divisions collapse and evaporate in a single night. True to the military tactics of Sun Tzu (500 BC), Chinese bugles, gongs and flair fill the skies over N Korea.

Nov. 26 - MacArthur's X-mas offensive collapses and MacArthur at last [Image] orders a general retreat - the big bug-out begins in earnest. (photo: the US 1st Marine advancing 'backward' toward Hamhung.) The Korean People's Army reappears from their mount ain bases and cut off all highways leading to S Korea. More than 150,000 UN troops are trapped in the frozen battle fields of N Korea. This comes as a complete surprise to Truman and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Truman panics and threatens to use nukes i n N Korea. However, the threat of nukes splits the UN allies who are already nervous about their involvement in the war. Truman realizes that US cannot go alone on the nuke issue and backs off.

Nov. 27, 1950 - The worst disaster of the day falls upon a 5,000-men Turkish Brigade. On the previous day (Nov. 26), the Turks attacked a company of S Koreans and inflicted heavy casualties on the "Chinese" at Takchon. The real Chinese ambush the Turks an d only a handful manage to escape.

Nov. 28 - Washington: Truman hears the bad news and goes into a [Image] shock. He has been assured as recent as three days ago that MacArthur was about to wind up the war and send the boys home by X-mas. Now, MacArthur wants more US troops. An emerge ncy session of the National Security Council is convened. Gen. Bradley tells Truman that there is no more troops to send and that he is worried about the 300 Chinese bombers in Manchuria. The supply areas and air force bases of the UN Command are wide ope n to aerial attacks. The military wants preemptive strikes on the Chinese air fields, but Gen. Marshall advises against a general war with China. Marshall warns that a war with China will benefit the Soviets and open the continental US for Soviet nuclear and ground attacks. Truman is more worried about the negative impact the defeat would have on his political fortune. Truman loses confidence in the Joint Chiefs of Staff - "a bunch of gutless morons in fancy uniforms". Truman wants all JCS messages to Mac Arthur cleared by him personally prior to their transmission.

Nov. 30, 1950 - Truman states in public: "The military commander in the field will have charge of the use of the weapons (A-bombs) as he always has." Unbelievably, Truman is not aware of the Atomic Energy Act provision which dictates that only the Preside nt can authorize use of the atomic bomb. Truman's statement shocks the international community. UN allies are ready to jump the ship.

Dec. 5, 1950 - The 3rd Division, US Army, moves northwest from Hamhung to rescue the 1st Marine Division trapped near Chosin.

Dec. 6, 1950 - Pyongyang is liberated by the Chinese forces.

Dec. 7, 1950 - The CIA reports: "The Chinese Communists felt that use of the atom bomb in Korea as tactical support of UN troops would not precipitate war, but use of strategic atom bombing inside of Manchuria was another matter, and in that case, the dec ision on war would be left to Soviet Russia." The CIA goes on to state that the Russians have promised China 300,000 Soviet troops plus tactical support in case of war with US. Gen. Collins is sent to Korea on a fact finding mission and he reports that Ge n. MacArthur is out of touch with reality - the old man does not know his own battlefield situations.

Dec. 9, 1950 - MacArthur wants 26 atomic bombs. His plan is to "drop 30-50 bombs strung across the neck of Manchuria; then introduce half a million Chinese Nationalist troops at the Yalu and spread behind the front lines from the East Sea to the Yellow Se a - a belt of radioactive cobalt which has an active life of between 60 and 120 years." He says that his plan is "a cinch." Many in US support MacArthur's plan. MacArthur and company also consider chemical weapons. MacArthur is not privy to the awful secr et that the Soviets have more nuclear bombs in stock than US does; and that US does not have 26 A-bombs in all of its arsenals.

Daily, I witness columns of the beaten army streaming south from the [Image] Chosin Reservoir. The 7th Div. is trapped in the desolate slopes of the Jangbaik mountains. We see in the eyes of the survivors the horrors of the war. The soldiers walk in colum ns like so many zombies, about to drop off and die. No marching songs, no talking and no sounds except the frozen hard snow getting crushed under their heavy combat boots. It is dead cold at -10 degrees F without wind-chill. The winter winds from Siberia push the poor fellows southward, in the right direction - at least, they are getting some help from Mother Nature. The thump-thumps of Chinese mortars are getting closer and closer to our camp. My country home in Oro-ri is burned down by the Americans.

Dec. 12, 1950 - The 3rd Army Division retreats to the outskirts of [Image] Hamhung and sets up a series of phased defensive lines for the Hamhung-Hungnam beachhead. The outermost line Charlie is centered one mile south of my country home in Orori. The t hird line Mike is drawn just north of Hamhung and it is the last defensive position for Hamhung. The 4th line Peter is south of Hamhung (the city is to be abandoned without fight), and the last line Fox is to defend Hungnam. (map: US 3rd Infantry defensiv e retreat battle plan - phased withdrawal of Gen. Soule. Defense perimeters are code-named Charlie, Mike, Peter, etc.)

It is a mystery why the Chinese are not attacking us in force. They have more than enough troops to finish us off. Some people say that it is because Truman has told Mao to go easy and let the Americans go in peace from Hamhung, or else he will drop the A -bomb. Others say that the Chinese don't have the muscle to encircle and annihilate the Americans. Still others say that all China wants is to kick out the Americans.

Song's initial attacks on the 1st Marine and the 7th Infantry were successful; but his continued attacks on the entrenched American positions cost him dearly in human lives and lost opportunities. Song should have bypassed the 1st Marine and moved south t owards the sea; and cut the US supply lines from Hungnam, Yongpo and Wonsan. Gen. Song succeeds in expelling the Americans from N Korea, but fails to annihilate the Americans. Kim Il Sung judges Song to be a timid and ineffectual commander. Song and the I X Army Group are rotated back to China upon completion of the Hamhung Battle.

Dec. 19, 1950 - The US Army abandons Yonpo - the air base near Hamhung and all positions southwest of the Sungchun River.

Dec. 28, 1950 - The Dong Hae is ready to go, but first she must take care of a minor matter: there are 20 communists civilian prisoners aboard. The captain is ordered to take his ship out to the open sea and throw them overboard. This also allows the capt ain to check out the seaworthiness of his ship. We board the ship for the last time and head to the island of Koje. The UN command has designated this wretched island in the Strait of Korea as the main holding area of refugees.

The 3rd Corps of the Korean People's Army is headquartered in my home-town, Hamhung - a ruined city. Almost all buildings have been demolished by the retreating Americans. Land mines and unexploded bombs are everywhere - another parting gifts left by MacA rthur. Surviving citizens wait in line for bits of food being doled out by young communists. N Korean soldiers, cadres and ordinary folks are combing through their old neighborhood looking for their loved ones.

Dec. 31, 1950 - The communists attack in force and close in on Seoul. The ROK Army once again fold and run. Gen. Ridgway (the new 8th Army commander after Gen. Walker's death) orders a general retreat, south of the Han River.

Jan 8 - Ridgway orders his troops to shoot any civilian suspected of being a communist before "they become prisoners." He asks MacArthur's permission to use poison gas. MacArthur denies Ridgway's request. MacArthur leaves Ridgway alone for a while. Ridgwa y tries to educate MacArthur the basics of a limited war - "To support the army in Korea, our mobilization base has been destroyed and our supply warehouses are bare. The United States is not capable of any major effort anywhere in the world except Korea. " Ridgway is the first commander who knows how to handle MacArthur.

Jan. 25, 1951 - The UN forces go on the offensive. Ridgway combines the 8th Army and the X corps and then split it into two new corps - X and IX. The communists forces are pushed back to the Han River. MacArthur is quick to take the credit.

April 6, 1951 - MacArthur vents his anger and frustration of fighting a limited war in a confidential interview with the Spanish and Portuguese diplomats in Tokyo. In a nut shell, he wants a global war (under his command) with Russia - he would first drop A-bombs all over China and then move on to deal with the Russians. What about N Korea? MacArthur wants to nuke N Korea - kill every damn gook. MacArthur is unaware that the National Security Agency (NSA) is monitoring all diplomatic transmissions in Toky o. The main NSA station in Japan is at Atsugi Air Force Base (also the CIA OPC base). The primary mission of the NSA is monitoring Chinese command cables, but diplomatic cables are also intercepted routinely. The NSA sends the intercepted cables directly to the White House. The cables contain MacArthur's boast that he can turn the war into war with China. Truman decides to fire MacArthur but he cannot reveal the existence of the intercepted cables for national security reasons (at this time few people kn ow about the NSA or about its monitoring of diplomatic cables of US allies). Truman has to find other "official" reasons for firing MacArthur.

. Soon after the firing, MacArthur's godlike myth starts to crumble. All sorts of facts, suppressed while Mac was in power, surface. His WW2 nickname "Dougout Dug" is brought up to remind his escape from battlefields in the early days of the Pacific War. He was given a large sum of money by the Philippine politicos. He wanted to become the Field Marshall of the Philippine Army upon his retirement. His wife had numerous affairs while he was away. Mac took her to the divorce courts several times. In 1932, he attacked with tanks the poor WW1 veterans groups seeking bonuses in Washington

While serving as the Chief of Staff, Mac rented an apartment on Kalorama Road NW, Washington, DC and had weird parties with several prostitutes at a time. He would not have sex with the ladies, but loved to have the girls pamper him. More seriously, Mac h ad spells of deep depression with suicidal tendency. He would carry a loaded pistol and go through the motion of shooting himself on the head. On one occasion, Mac was about to jump out of a moving train at a spot (Tennessee River) where his father had wo n a Medal of Honor.

When WW2 broke out, the Philippine Army was mobilized and numbered 120,000 men. by December 1941. The Philippine Army included the 1st and 2nd regular divisions and mobilized reserve divisions of the 11th, 21st, 31st, 41st, 51st, 71st and 91st. Four of th e Filipino divisions had Filipino commanders while the rest had American commanders. The Filipino led divisions with Filipino generals included the 1st Division-Brig. Gen. Fidel Segundo, the 2nd Division-Maj. Gen. Guillermo Flores, the 21st Division-Brig. Gen. Mateo Capinpin and the 41st Division-Brig. Gen. Alfredo Lim.

Total forces under MacArthur's command were: Philippine Army-120,000 men in 9 divisions, US Army in the Philippines-18,000 men mostly air, artillery and marine units and the Philippine Scouts-a unique US Army unit consisting of 5 regiments composed of 12, 000 Filipinos and 900 American officers. The Philippine Scouts was an elite unit and had the best training. Some military historians say that MacArthur fled to Australia in panic and that he had sufficient forces to hold back the Japanese - Mac lacked nei ther the skill nor the will to face the Japanese, man to man.

April 19, 1951 - The US Congress gathers to hear their war hero. MacArthur brings with him his wife and son and his old cronies. MacArthur tells the US Congress - "I address you with neither rancor nor bitterness in the fading twilight of my life, with bu t one purpose in mind: to serve my country... I now close my military career and just fade away - an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Good-bye." Many congressmen weep openly. A lynching party is formed to go after Truman. Truman's response: "Nothing but a bunch of bull shit... Damn fool Congressmen crying like a bunch of women." MacArthur moves into Suite 37-A of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, compliment of the hotel management (actually, at a nominal rent of $4 50 per month. He stayed here until his death in 1964). A Gallup Poll shows 54% of the Americans supporting MacArthur's plans for punishing China, but only 30% supporting war with China.

The JCS and others have repeatedly defined his job as an area commander of the Korean War, but MacArthur kept on exceeding his boundary and tried to dupe US into a wider war. His airplanes have "accidentally" bombed Chinese and Russian air bases. He had C hiang's and Japanese navy participate covertly in the war. He has sent Korean and Chinese sabotage teams to China and Russia. He has openly threatened war with China and Russia. MacArthur's statements often contradict documents prepared and signed by him. As for his "China is incapable of intervention" assurance to Truman at Wake, MacArthur tries to pass the buck to the CIA (justified) and oddly to the Chinese statements and glosses over the mountain of evidence gathered by his own G-2. Mac's statement th at "the intelligence that a nation is going to launch a war is not...intelligence that is available to a commander, limited to a small area of combat. That intelligence should have been given to me." He was given ample data, but he chose to ignore them an d rely on his own instinct.

How about the "home-by-Xmas" promise? MacArthur says that at the time when he made the statement at Wake, the N Korean Army was virtually gone (actually there were 120,000 NKPA left) and no Chinese (over 200,000 in Korea) in Korea. The only 'problem' was that his request to bomb Manchurian targets was denied by Truman and therefore, Truman was responsible for the UN 'bugout' in December 1950. The truth comes out that this old man had his head buried in sands and refused to face the reality. He states that Russians had no nuclear retaliatory capability in Korea or China, when in fact they are capable of nuking US installations in Japan, Europe and US proper. In a nutshell, MacArthur is confident that he can win a global war while ignorance of the enemy and US war making capacities.

Why not bomb the Manchurian sanctuaries? Gen. Marshall points out a fundamental fact that MacArthur and the fellow hawks fail to recognize - the communists are allowing UN sanctuaries in Japan and the rear areas in Korea. The Chinese and Russian air force volunteers have the means of hitting exposed docks in Pusan, supply transports and naval vessels, but they have not. Hitting their sanctuaries would invite retaliation. Beside China has a mutual defense treaty with Russia. More importantly, the US Air Fo rce do not have the capability to hit targets in Manchuria - "The air force of the Unites States...is really a shoestring air force and these groups that we have over there now doing this tactical job are really about a fourth of our total effort that we could muster today, and four times that amount of groups in that area over that vast expanse of China would be a drop in the bucket."

I remember the fear I had on Dec. 24, 1950 while waiting for evacuation at Hungnam. The port and harbor were jammed packed with exposed troops and ships. A few well-placed bombs could have wiped out some 100,000 UN troops. Gen. Collins testifies "we were dreadfully afraid that might be the thing that would release the Russian planes...and possibly submarine attack during the perilous evacuation from Hungnam. Troops evacuating from a port of that character, in commercial ships, are terribly subject to air and underwater attacks; and in my judgment, it would be a much too risky process."

Five of my former associates of the Student Volunteers Army have been working at the camp site (The US CIC has an office here) since January of 1951. I am happy to be reunited with them. They share a tiny room rented from a farmer with two Taiwanese agent s from Taiwan. The agents handle the Chinese POWs. They are fluent in English and Japanese. They say that the Japanese treated Formosans fairly and that they miss the Japanese colonials. It is obvious that these Taiwanese are Jap lovers.

Rhee Syngman and some elements of MacArthur supporters try to sabotage the talks. US planes "mistakenly" strafe Kaesong, convoys carrying the communist negotiating team, and armed raids across the cease-fire lines. American planes bomb Dadong in Manchuria . The CIA steps up covert operations in China and US aids to Chiang Kai Sek start flowing again. These activities succeed in derailing the talks.

October 1951 - US B29 bombers carry out simulated A-bomb attacks, code-named "Operation Hudson River", on major cities in N Korea. The bombers drop dummy atomic bombs all real except for the explosives. This is intended more a psychological than tactical. It is hoped to keep N Korean leaders guessing when the real thing would come. To counter this challenge, the communists expand their air capabilities to 4,000 planes manned by Chinese, Korean and Russian pilots. On the ground, they dig 776 miles of tunne ls, 3,427 miles of trenches - formidable fortifications that will withstand atomic bombs.

Jan. 21, 1952 - My career at the POW camp comes to an abrupt end. All translators have to wear US GI fatigues and the army cap. As we enter our office tent, we leave our cap on a table. The American GI's do the same. All caps look alike. I make the mistak e of picking up a wrong cap. The GI's set up a trap for me and I am caught in their trap. They accuse me of stealing the cap and I am fired on the spot.

Jan. 21, 1953 - Gen. Eisenhower is inaugurated president. Ike vows to end the war in one way or the other, and directs Gen. Bradley to recommend the best way to end the war. The general recommends "the timely use of atomic weapons should be considered aga inst military targets affecting operations in Korea".

March 27, 1953 - The JCS recommends the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Korea and China - "The efficacy of atomic weapons in achieving greater results at less cost of effort in furtherance of US objectives in connection with Korea points to the desirab ility of re-evaluating the policy which now restricts the use of atomic weapons in the Far East. In view of the extensive implications of developing an effective conventional capability in the Far East, the timely use of atomic weapons should be considere d against military targets affecting operations in Korea, and operationally planned as an adjunct to any possible military course of action involving direct action against Communist China and Manchuria".

May 13 - 16 - US planes bomb irrigation dams in N Korea with the help of Japanese enginners and tens of thousands of civilians drown. This is one of the most barbaric acts committed by the US military in Korea.

Once a day, we go out on patrol in a jeep. We make sure to include at least one white or black guy. A lot of GI's are trigger happy and love to shoot at gooks. I guess Japs look just like gooks to white guys. No new POW's or enemy towns are being captured these days. Watching GI's fornicating with Korean ladies in open fields become the main highlight of our patrols.

June 18, 1953 - Rhee orders his army to free as many POWs as possible by force if necessary. Some 27,000 POWs are freed at several camps. ROK soldiers exchange fire with the American guards. The American guards fire on the fleeing POWs, killing several th ousands POWs. This is the first documented case of US soldiers fighting ROK soldiers.

[Image] The war has cost Korea over 6 million civilian casualties; 520,000 N Korean soldiers dead or wounded with 120,000 captured; S Korea lost 415,000 killed, 429,000 wounded, and 460,000 missing; US lost 157,530 dead, wounded, captured or missing. The biggest loser of the war is the Korean people. A US commentator states "A potentially swift and relatively bloodless reunification is turned into a carnage". 
12.31.248.*** cranston36 [2005-07-29 02:08]
Communist China Occupied North Korea and extended the Korean War for 3 years of murder and rape.
219.81.163.*** BullshitYe [2005-07-29 08:59]
Bullshit !!! shame on you CRANSTON36!!! China never commited such those stupid things done by US in Kore War. China was just helping his brother Korea without taking any advantage unlike US dogs
219.81.163.*** BullshitYe [2005-07-29 09:04]
why there are many US dogs available in SK. what kind of stupid things those dogs committed against Korean especially those female. No one know the truth because US concealed the truth against SK peop
219.81.163.*** BullshitYe [2005-07-29 09:10]
Chinese and American are different type of people. China: helping others to establish them independently. US: helping other to take full control of those nations capabilities
211.218.16.*** KIJ [2005-07-29 21:57]
I see one of my subjects is very smart...he knows the truth...I shall give him a double ration of acorns and grass tonight...good job HeroChina!!!
211.218.16.*** KIJ [2005-07-29 21:59]
I especially wanted to cry as I read about my communist brothers feeding the poor once we liberated our cities....
211.218.16.*** JKRowling [2005-07-29 22:02]
Reading this whole thing was like driving by a car accident, you know you shouldn't look but the curiousity just kills ya....wish I had that much free time to work on my next book
211.218.16.*** JKRowling [2005-07-29 22:04]
My latest Harry Potter book and this article have two things in common both are works of fiction and both are entirely too long!
222.101.148.*** Juggertha [2005-07-30 00:35]
I'm "almost" speechless, but not quite. That was simply one of the most absurd stories I have ever heard. Whwre is the proof?
222.152.240.*** chinese [2005-07-30 08:36]
For americans to know and understand a non-US opnion on things is the most effective way to stop the violence in the world.
216.254.21.*** american [2005-08-03 08:49]
wow! chinese helping brother?, kind of like how chinese helped the people of tibet right? North korea is really properous now that china helped. stupid chinese. Taiwan is a separate country too!
59.37.4.*** michael [2005-08-07 17:42]
bullshit,american,You know nothing about China.just brainwashed by your bias-fulled media!History can't be changed just by your ignorance.
203.47.165.*** hyperbole [2005-08-21 15:31]
Yeah sure, china helps people. Like the way they are helping Robert Mugabe in Africa.... Rest of the world trying to stop a tyrant, while China writes him a cheque.
24.235.210.*** Chinese in Canada [2008-05-25 12:31]
If you Amerians are so biased, how can u possibly call youself " respecting the human rights, just, and fair"? Please note your language, u educated, civiliazed people!
24.235.210.*** Chinese in Canada [2008-05-25 12:34]
The only thing u do is pressuring China to do whatever is best for u. Can't a nation have its own agenda? Things that u guys can't do, u all blame China!!! Let's be fair!
194.165.42.*** dgylgphy [2008-11-01 22:54]
194.165.42.*** czumkr [2008-11-05 00:09]
194.165.42.*** wxrblqvjyvx [2008-11-18 21:54]
69.116.42.*** yctkvzup [2008-12-23 06:13]
217.149.243.*** quigpw [2008-12-28 07:48]
91.203.80.*** oldspunkers [2009-03-19 06:14]
68.178.201.*** bruayx [2009-03-23 05:11]
194.228.1.*** tjwdrmbr [2009-05-18 02:08]
202.75.33.*** gbhvtgpz [2009-05-30 07:03]
64.191.50.*** gabjdjjzswf [2009-08-04 09:53]
72.22.64.*** kdmohuixp [2009-08-08 15:53]
124.125.191.*** vtlrhjqnuc [2009-09-11 13:39]
77.222.131.*** haoppsour [2009-11-11 15:41]
88.255.52.*** xeaypp [2010-02-04 17:41]
124.158.18.*** Errmate [2010-02-22 09:38]
the truth is you can't put an english sentence together. rofl. nice fail
91.214.44.*** vbpctygson [2010-02-26 02:33]
91.214.44.*** lqsiyace [2010-02-26 07:22]
202.69.8.*** ?빇嫄 [2010-06-28 16:37]
what american military commander isnt a lunatic? i agree with this story, and for once, we actually hear something truthful in an article published in the english language.
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5093    Satan's follower Lama honored Paris Mayor with a HELL ticket in exchange for citizenship (4) HellBoundNation 06-08 16:16 69 0 3
      Lama outshines India his hideout as a celebrity though India backslides as a hopeless masterpiece actually 06-09 15:55 35 0 4
5091    North Korea jails U.S. journalists for 12 years (9) Stovall 06-08 14:25 70 0 3
5090    Indian Atrocity at its peak: Six Thousand Nepal citizens displaced (2) Durgalal KC 06-03 12:24 85 3 0
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