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Subject : Japanese colonial rule:"fortune amidst misfortune"
Name : Pulver Date : 2005-03-06 14:03  View : 2948  : 3  : 2  
The following is a good read and something to think about:

TOKYO -- An honorary professor of Korea University has sparked controversy by describing Japanese colonial rule over the peninsula as "fortune amidst misfortune." Han Seung-jo, 75, in the April edition of the right-wing Sankei Shimbun's Seiron magazine characterized the condemnation of pro-Japanese Koreans as foolish and based on communist and leftist thought, and called for a re-evaluation of the annexation of Korea by Japan.
"The end of the Daehan Empire and Korea's annexation by Japan was a misfortune for the Korean people, but one has to realize that there was fortune within that misfortune." He argued that if Korea had instead been annexed by Russia, which deported Koreans to Siberia and Central Asia in the 1930s and massacred Korean farmers, there would have been much more loss of life than at the hands of the Japanese during incidents like the suppression of the March 1 Independence Movement.

He said Korean culture grew under Japanese rule, and Japanese scholars and their Korean students built the foundations of Korean studies, including historiography, linguistics and literature. He said Korean culture survived without major losses since the occupiers only banned the teaching of Korean in schools from 1937.

"Because Korea had a competitive consciousness of not wanting to lag behind the Japanese, the colonial period greatly stimulated Koreans' desire for growth and development," he wrote.

Han said a government project to re-examine Korean collaboration with the Japanese occupation was an attempt by leftists to discredit conservative forces -- the so-called "vested interest class" -- most of whom cooperated to varying extents with Japan during the colonial period. He claimed the law was designed to permanently emasculate conservatives and establish long-term leftist rule.

Han retired as an active professor in the political science department of Korea University and is now co-chairman of the civic group Free Citizens Alliance of Korea.

The Free Citizens Alliance of Korea distanced itself from the comments on its website Friday after protests from Korean netizens. "We are outraged by Han's claim that Japanese colonial rule was justified and that the conscription of 'comfort women' was unimportant," it said. However, Han is sticking to his guns, saying Russia would have colonized Korea had Japan not done so, and Japanese imperial control served to strengthen Koreans' "ethnic consciousness."

Source: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/news/200503/200503040039.html

4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-06 18:46]
I sincerely believe Korea would be in much better shape if it had gone through an western(British, French, Dutch, German) emperial rule. The Japanese were brutal and severe masters. Koreans hate
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-06 18:50]
the Japanese. These godless, highly commercialized and valueless people subjugated Koreans for 38 years. Changing sirnames and language by force. Pulling Koreans into WWII. Horrible bastards.
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-06 18:53]
Systematically they exploited Korean resource making every Korean into a slave to their emperor. Christians were tortured an killed for not bowing down to idols in Shinto temple. Just evil people.
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-06 19:01]
NK is developing a nuke missle to use first against the Japan. And, then against the U.S. China is behind it all. A nuke missle is not a defensive weapon. It will be used against the Japanese.
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-06 19:04]
When the U.S. officially pull out of Korean peninsula, China-NK will be more daring. A nuke missle will fly to Japan. Japan will have the honor of being the only country twice bombed by nuke.
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-06 19:06]
The Japanese are stupid and arrogant people. How can they attack the U.S. and even dream about winning? Absolutely preposterous. No calculation. Just "Torah, Torah, Torah". And, then what? Nuked.
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 22:44]
Yomo, you seem to be a mental retard or . chineses have no obligation to help korea anymore as koreans are ungrateful about chineses's sacrifices.
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 22:47]
china won't nuke USA forever. USA is a good friend of china because USA did help china after WW11 to recover the robbed islands from japan.
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 22:55]
we are grateful about the deeds of USA and won't forget about them. chineses would express their gratitude upon USA not by speech but by deeds as they helped chineses when chineses had a chance in .
220.86.150.*** Pulver [2005-03-06 22:55]
Ungrateful seems to be a Korean national trait now. NK has stopped teaching its people what china did for them during the war, instead crediting Great Leader and the NK Army saving NK from defeat.
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 22:56]
the future.
220.86.150.*** Pulver [2005-03-06 23:02]
The SK people would prefer to forget the US liberated them from Japanese rule in 1945 and instead blame the US for the Korean war. SK also classifies current US support as a "necessary evil".
220.86.150.*** Pulver [2005-03-06 23:05]
SK is also ungrateful for the hundreds of millions of dollars given by Japan in 1965 (Billions in today's dollars).
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:05]
about japan, chineses did feel agony being treated them lower than human beings. japaneses once were chineses's students because they learnt everything from china even their language and culture
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:09]
for the sake of japaneses are the followers of chineses, let's forgive them but chineses ought not to associate with japaneses at all in the future from now on because history would repeat if chineses
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:13]
treated japaneses as before. japaneses hate chineses forever. So chineses should regard japaneses as they would never exist among them.
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:16]
in order to safeguard china forever from japan, china should never allow any japanese to enter in china and do any business with japan anymore. lest they say because of them china could stand up agian
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:18]
chinese should regard there is one race(japaneses) withdrawn from the history of china forever
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:21]
china should expel any cooperation with japan in the future because as long as chineses behold any japanese, chineses really want to avenge them
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:25]
china should stop working with japan in the future. china should expel any japaneses's company existing from the land of chineses.
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:31]
i adjure china. one less diplomatic relationship with japan empire and it won' t affect china from becoming the superpower of the future at all.
61.31.165.*** huei [2005-03-06 23:37]
there're a lot of people like Yoko in SK, so china shouldn't have any intimate relationship with SK anymore. SK is no difference with Indians absolutely so china should regard SK as indians
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-07 06:35]
If China wants to be a friend of America, just stop sending oil shipment to NK and let Kim's government implode! No more NK. No more nuke problem. No, no, no. China is behind it all. China told
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-07 06:37]
Kim to threaten the U.S. The Chinese loved to play both sides. If China is pure, why support the regime that starves its own people? Why help the evil person unless you are evil yourself.
152.163.101.*** Teop [2005-03-07 08:08]
The prevailing thought seems to be that the Koreans need a parent. To dispel this myth the Koreas must unite and come to the table armed or unarmed as an equal partner... Not likely, huh?
152.163.101.*** Teop [2005-03-07 08:10]
As a secondary thought, I am not convinced that weapons kill people. People kill people... is the prevailing thought in the US. Why not elsewhere?
61.74.234.*** zoingers [2005-03-07 11:40]
Teop, 'people kill people' is not the 'prevailing thought in the US.' It is the prevailing thought of the NRA. Thanks for showing your true colors...we'll be sure and discredit everything you say
61.74.234.*** zoingers [2005-03-07 11:42]
in the future. Long live the KKK, Heston, the Nazi's, the NRA and the rest of your kind.
152.163.101.*** Teop [2005-03-07 14:01]
Considering the lifting of the assualt ban rifles it is in fact the prevailing thought in the US.... So say our legislators.
152.163.101.*** Teop [2005-03-07 14:02]
LOL on the KKK... Do you think they allow Blacks? LMAO.
61.31.160.*** huei [2005-03-08 10:18]
it's not justified that USA stand as an sovereignty all over the nations. you're a SKorean so you stand at the US side, but NK stand at the china side for help. the intimacy between NK and china is
61.31.160.*** huei [2005-03-08 10:23]
deeper than the intimacy between SK and USA. china may take care SK as its friend/brother but USA wouldn't take care SK as china does upon NK. the differences between opportunity and friendship are
61.31.160.*** huei [2005-03-08 10:24]
very clear if you'd got a brain. after all, blood is thicker than water
61.31.160.*** huei [2005-03-08 10:26]
yes as much as you don't like china, i don't like china tyranny too but i deeply feel sorry for the chinese populace suffering in china especially in human rights.
61.31.160.*** huei [2005-03-08 10:32]
I imagine how good it would be if the ROC government was existed in china, china people would benefit a lot as much as Taiwanese benefit right now
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-09 03:02]
Ditto that, my friend. Communist government in China is involved right now in dangerous game of using NK to embarrass the U.S. This could blow up in their face when the U.S. gets more threatening.
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-09 03:05]
There may be a wholesale death war killing NK, SK and the Chinese. Stop these fools. Let NK kill off Kim and open up under UN guidance. That is the only reasonable thing to do.
4.46.84.*** YoMo [2005-03-09 03:07]
When NK nuke is solved, all three countries, China, the United Korea, Taiwan and Japan can all be friends. Working together to build a better world for Asians. No more threats to each other.
61.31.160.*** huei [2005-03-09 22:20]
it's never that easy to solve about SK nuke so just leave her alone so the tension would be less. SK won't dare to use it headlongly because the nuke aftermath is the dismantlement of her own regime.
61.31.160.*** huei [2005-03-09 22:26]
the best choice is to prevent nuke from spreading it at other nations from NK especially the muslim terrorists lest they use it for jihad purpose
201.248.102.*** Blair [2007-07-13 03:09]
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