Bangladesh: Traders Deliver Ultimatum
Chief Election Commissioner must resign in 48 hours
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If Chief Election Commissioner M. A. Aziz does not resign within the next 48 hours, traders have threatened to stop essential commodities to him and his family.

The president of Dhaka Metropolitan Shop Owners' Association made the announcement on Tuesday at a press conference.

"Please express your inability to perform your duty in the greater interest of the country as Mr. K. M. Hasan did," Md Helal Uddin said.

The businessmen also urged the commissioner's wife to help convince him to leave his post in order to free the nation of the recent political crisis, and urged the advisors of the caretaker government to hold an effective dialogue with the political parties for a credible election.

They also urged members of civil society to help the caretaker government create a congenial atmosphere for the elections by playing a neutral role in the crisis.

The nonstop, country-wide blockade program called by the Awami League, which leads a 14-party combine, continued for the third day on Tuesday.

The Awami League called the blockade after its seven-day ultimatum to the caretaker government to implement its 11 demands, including election commission reform, ended on Saturday.

Most shops, businesses and schools remain closed.

Security forces, including the police, the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) and the RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) are patrolling strategic points around the capital to maintain law and order.

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