Bangladesh: M.A. Aziz Takes Three Month Leave
Election commission to be reorganized
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In a televised address to the nation broadcast at 11.40 p.m. last night, President Iajuddin Ahmed of Bangladesh announced that the chief election commissioner will go on voluntary leave for three months.

He also said that the election commission will be reorganized and that two new members will join.

The address was made in the final hour of the time frame set by Bangladesh's 14-party alliance for bringing changes to the election commission.

Prior to the president's address, Awami League general secretary Abdul Jalil held a meeting with him at Bangabhaban, the president's official residence.

Jalil made it clear that the removal of Chief Election Commissioner M.A. Aziz would not be enough if someone controversial was appointed afresh.

He added that other disputed election commission officials also needed to be removed.

The president in his address mentioned that the changes in the election commission were made to avoid further violence in Bangladesh. He hoped that all concerned would now engage themselves in election activities and remain committed to holding a peaceful election.

Visiting British Trade and Investment Minister Ian McCartney, yesterday said it was essential that elections in Bangladesh are, and are seen to be, free, fair, peaceful and acceptable to the international community.

"The election belongs to the Bangladeshi people but, where we can, we will assist to ensure an electoral process which earns the confidence of the international community," he said speaking at a luncheon meeting held at a city hotel.

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