Over 3,000 Killed in Bangladesh in 2006
Survey report of the Human Rights Commission details murders
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A total of 3,239 people were killed in Bangladesh, with law enforcement authorities killing 300 of them, from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 2006, an average of 9.69 persons per day, according to the survey report of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission.

The commission based its "Human Rights Report" on daily newspaper articles and information received from its district, sub-district and municipal branches.

The commission said that this proves that the law and order situation is not satisfactory, and expressed its deep concern over criminal and extrajudicial killing and rampant violation of human rights.

Among the deceased, 2,296 persons were killed for miscellaneous reasons, 184 were killed in political vendettas, and 300 were killed by the members of law-enforcing agencies.

The law-enforcing agencies and government departments should be more responsible and compassionate so that the number of killings may be brought down to as near as zero level as possible, said the commission.

Among the rest of the deceased, 156 persons were killed for dowry, 86 by mass lynching, and 84 after rape.

Among the other victims, 110 people were killed in border areas, 19 domestic helpers were killed by their employers, and four journalists were killed due to previous enmity.

Rule of law must be established to institutionalize democracy and to build a human rights-based society. Both physical and mental torture has been prohibited in the constitution of Bangladesh and the U.N. Charter of Human Rights, said the commission.

But in practice the law enforcement agents are neglecting the constitution of the land and the U.N.'s human rights charter.

The survey report also revealed that 167 newsmen were injured due to violence, acid was flung at 96 people, four persons were victimized by mullahs (local leader of Islamic fundamentalists) Fatwa, and 46 were tortured for dowry in the last 11 months.

In the same period 124 persons were victims of human traffickers, 40 were killed in jail custody, and eight rape victims committed suicide out of shame and despair.

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