Spanish Woman Is World's Oldest Blogger
95-year-old Senora Maria Amelia dethrones Sweden's Allan Loof
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Senora Maria Amelia, a 95-year-old Spanish grandmother, has dethroned Sweden's Allan Loof (94) as the world's oldest blogger. A TV crew from Madrid traveled to Galicia to interview her, and Spanish newspapers have hailed her victory with extensive stories and photos

Maria Amelia clearly enjoys her sudden fame, but takes even greater delight in revealing in her latest post that she is about to become a great-grandmother.

It's all written in Spanish but this is an approximate translation:

"Dear friends and family of the Internet, today I had the best news that I could give you. Today I went to eat with my other grandson and his wife. To my surprise they informed me that I am going to be a great-grandmother!

"I do not know if I will see these months through because I am already very old, but I am "encantandisima.

"I am very happy that God has given me the health to hear this news. This is huge.

"Congratulations to the Mother and the Papa."

We at OhmyNews are "encantandisima" too, Maria. Congratulations to you ... and condolences to Allan Loof, who now becomes the second-oldest of the world's 63.2 million bloggers.

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Watch a video of Maria Amelia on YouTube.

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