[Interview] Zvi Schreiber, CEO of G.ho.st Inc.
Glimpse into a unique venture between Israelis and Palestinians
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Joining me today is Zvi Schreiber who together with his Israeli and Palestinian partners launched the world's first true web operating system - G.ho.st Virtual Computer in July 2009.

In the interview, Zvi explains how G.ho.st can optimize your digital life and how the company is looking ahead both technologically and socially. Also with me is Montasser Abdellatif, who works in the West Bank of Palestine for G.ho.st. He and Zvi present to us a rare picture of seamless virtual cooperation that reach over the Separation Wall that divide the two rivals in the Middles East.

The interviews can be found on YouTube:

2009/08/05 오후 1:09
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