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Brazil hosts a giant party to celebrate the Web
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An important international Internet event took place from January 25 to 30th in Sao Paulo. Called the Campus Party, it is the biggest party celebrating the Internet, worldwide.

First held first in Spain in 1997, Campus Party has been running in Brazil since 2008. It is considered the world's biggest event for technological innovation, Internet and interactive entertainment.

The director in Brazil of the Campus Party 2010, Mr Marcelo Branco, released in the middle of the week the figures below, for the bloggers and the press. The Campus Party 2010 is already the largest in the world, especially in the following aspects:

  • the largest broadband connection, with a speed of 10GB (technology developed just for the event).

  • the largest number of subscribers, 6 thousand.

  • 900 professionals involved in organizing the event, distributed in 45 square meters, with 40 km of network cables and 20 km of fiber.

  • 700 hours of programming divided into areas of creativity (35.4%), innovation (34.1%), entertainment (19.8%) and science (10.6%).

  • 12 hours of free attractions, from 10:00 to 22:00, every day of the event.

  • About 100 thousand visited event.

The event was equally ideal for nerds and venture capitalists -- which might explain why many companies in Brazil paid wuch close attention to what was happening there. The best website about Campus Party is from TV Cultura through "Porgrama Novo."

While the Campus Party continued, there was some news from the other corner of Brazil as well. In the middle of the Amazon region, a small but fast growing state is getting ready to take advantage of the Web.

Acre's State Secretary of Science, Technology and Development, Mr. Cesar Dotto, told me about their efforts in that direction: "In Acre we are implementing a project called Digital Forest that allows all Acreanos (people from Acre) to freely access the internet in the entire state, we are testing it in Rio Branco city."

So, as you can easily see, the Brazilian from all over the country love the World Wide Web.

A Flickr gallery, with pictures of personalities and some scenes from the event is available. All images made by participants.

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