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The PFLP-GC Bomb Maker Goes Shopping for Radios
[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 105 -- Oct. 15, 1988
Ludwig De Braeckeleer (ludwig)     Print Article 
Published 2008-10-19 11:52 (KST)   

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"Marwan khreesat and I had the first room on the right as you you come in the front door of Abassi flat and used it for work room for preparing the electronic appliances. Under my supervision and responsibility, Khreesat modified into bombs one Toshiba radio recorder, two tuners and one screen." -- Haffez Dalkamoni, Interrogation by BKA officers, Oct. 27, 1988
On Oct. 15, Dalkamoni wanted to look at different electrical devices. As shops in Neuss are closed on Saturday afternoon, Dalkamoni and Khreesat go to the stores early in the morning. They went to several stores but did not purchase anything.

Dalkamoni told Khreesat that they would go to Dusseldorf later to continue to look for suitable appliances. It is Khreesat who decides what items to purchase.

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Khreesat is looking for tuners and monitors with no particular brand or model in mind. As a rule, Khreesat prefers older models because the newer models are digital and much more compact. It is harder to alter a newer model, since there is less room inside. It is of course critical to keep the radios functional to defeat security screening at the airport.

Later in the day, Dalkamoni calls and visits Martin Khadorah, who lives at 68 Bernadottstrasse, Frankfurt. Born Mahmoud Kadorah, the Palistinian is suspected of belonging to the PFLP-GC. In August 1986, his name and phone number was found in the notebooks of two members of the organization when they were arrested in London.

Soon after the visit of Dalkamoni, Kadorah departs for Yougoslavia where he meets Bilal Dalkamoni. Bilal, the younger brother of Haffez, lives in Maribor, Yougoslavia. The PFLP-GC maintains several arms cache in Yougoslavia.

Dalkamoni ordered Kadorah to collect explosives from the Krusevac safe house, where Mobdi Goben resides, and smuggled it back to West Germany. Kadorah successfully accomplished his mission.

After visiting Kadorah, Dalkamoni meets with Yasim Kam-Nakche. The 59 years old Syrian born German citizen lives in Lambsheim, as well as Burstadt, both towns close to Mannheim. Liitle is known about Kam-Nakche.

But it would appear that the man has some inside knowledge of certain Palestinian terror groups. For instance, in Dec. 1985, Kam-Nakche provided the Libyan News Service with information regarding two massacres conducted by the Abu Nidal Organization at Rome and Vienna airports earlier that month.

Back to the Present

Dr Swire, co-founder and spokesperson for the UK Flight 103 Families, welcomes this week court decision to grant al Megrahi the right to have his stated grounds of appeal decided by the court on their respective merits.

"The decision by the High Court to accept that the defence team for Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi can submit evidence outwith the material examined by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC), and also have evidence examined by that body reviewed in the appeal, is a victory for common sense and upholds precedents within the Scottish criminal justice system.

So absurd did the Crown submission in attempting to block this development seem that it leaves a nasty whiff of obstructionism. The Crown had opposed it on the basis that the move would be "absurd", "illogical" and "incompetent in law". Perhaps it as well those arguing before a court are not usually held to be in contempt of it.

For those keen to ensure the final decision on Mr Megrahi's guilt is fair, and to see as much of the truth as possible laid bare at the second appeal, the decision was a delight.

Naturally, the court retains its duty to examine the material submitted by the defence and has the power to reject any aspects it considers frivolous. That function lies within the scope of how Scottish criminal justice works, and it is through the Scottish system that we have always sought to see the guilt or innocence of the Libyan accused.

It is also the duty of the court to consider how its actions should relate to the allocation of judicial resources, as decreed by parliament; no doubt the repercussions from this case may modify those political decisions in the future, but they cannot retrospectively influence the present case.

It is now well over a year since the SCCRC delivered its decision following its own three-year deliberations. It will soon be 20 years since the atrocity. It was also heartening to hear the court agree with the defence to consider proposals on management from both sides in tandem, rather than sequentially. The longer the delays, the greater the injustice to the appellant, should the verdict be overturned; the greater the expense, and the greater the risk that witnesses will have forgotten or died."

Ludwig De Braeckeleer has a Ph.D. in nuclear sciences. Ludwig teaches physics and international humanitarian law. He blogs on "The GaiaPost" Ludwig can be reached at: dr.ludwig@hotmail.com
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