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Predicting 2006 at Tea Time
Use your imagination and tasseomancy to look into the future of family and friends
Michael Lomas (lomas)     Print Article 
Published 2005-12-05 10:27 (KST)   
Don't use a strainer and no milk or sugar, please.
©2005 M. Lomas
This is the first of a two-part series. -- Ed.

Everyone wants to know what is likely to happen to themselves in the coming year. We are all naturally curious. Are we going to be happier in love, financially richer, and/or more successful in our work? We'd all love to know, or at least have a glimmer of an idea. Sure, you can make some educated guesses based on personal plans and what happened in 2005. But maybe there are some signs and symbols that will reinforce our speculation.

So, as a public service, this reporter offers an entertaining method of fortune telling you can easily learn: by reading tea leaves. My qualifications? My aunt Faith taught me tea leaf reading when I was a child and we had delightful readings well into her 90s.

Here's how to learn tea leaf reading step-by-step. By the way, it is called tasseomancy by professional tea leaf readers. Tasseomancy probably derives from the French word "tasse," which means cup in English. The art of reading tea leaves has been around for hundreds of years and is particularly popular with the British, the Chinese, with gypsies and traveling circus performers in Western Europe.

Step #1: Fill a kettle with fresh, cold water and bring it to a boil.

Step #2: Now, brew a pot of tea. Make sure you have preheated the teapot with hot water before you measure out the tea leaves and add the bubbling hot water. How much tea? Well, it depends on the size of your teapot. The rule of thumb is one level teaspoon for each cup, plus one for the pot. Also, make sure the tea leaves are well formed; not like the powdery junk you'll find in tea bags. Then let the tea stand, brewing for at least seven minutes.

Step #3: Pour the tea into the cup which you will have placed before the person you are reading or "divining." No, don't use a strainer. Let's call the person "Divine," a 23-year-old female, for the purposes of this instruction. Now, for heaven's sake, don't use a mug. Use a delicate, finely decorated tea cup and saucer. Preferably, use bone china. Do not add milk or sugar.

Step #4: Also, pour yourself a cup of tea so that you can enjoy sipping with Divine. Caution Divine to make sure she does not drink all the liquid. Have a nice conversation about something pleasant, such as how much you enjoy eating a whole box of chocolates all by yourself, especially before the end of this year because you swear you are going on a no-chocolate diet next year. By the way, The Tea Council of London, England says that, "A large body of research indicates that antioxidants (in tea) can have a protective effect against some cancers and can help prevent heart disease and strokes."

Step #5: When Divine has finished, but left about three teaspoons-full, take her cup and swirl these dregs around, spreading the tea leaves out so they stick to the inside of the cup. Then gently pour the remaining tea liquid into the saucer. Place the cup upside down on the saucer for a few minutes then turn it upright again.

Step #8
©2005 M. Lomas
Step #6: Focus your full attention on the tea leaves in the cup. Turn the cup around and look at the leaves from different angles. Stare up close. Then close your eyes for a few minutes. Open your eyes and look again. Do you see a shape, or maybe more than one shape? The shape of tea leaves are symbols of the future of the person, in this case Divine. The shapes on the sides of the cup are for the more immediate present; those on the bottom of the cup are for the distant future.

Step #7: Now, look at the shapes of tea leaves on the side of the cup. To guide you, I have photographed a cup with tea leaf dregs in it.

Step #8: Do you see those two upright shapes on the side of the cup. I think the shape on the left represents Divine. The one on the right probably represents someone she is going to meet very soon, probably a man, probably tall, dark and handsome. Tell Divine what you see.

Step #9
©2005 M. Lomas
Step #9: Look at the shape on the bottom. Is it a dog, perhaps a poodle? No, maybe it is a horse. To me, that symbolizes a journey. Is Divine going on a journey with that handsome man? Tell Divine what you see.

That's what it is all about. It is very simple. You use your imagination. You capture their total interest. And you intrigue them about their future.

Telling fortunes using tea leaves can be lots of fun. Enjoy.

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