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A Visit To The Creation Museum
US-60 Part 5
David McLane (davemclane)     Print Article 
Published 2009-12-01 11:49 (KST)   
After checking the location of the Creation Museum, we decided to leave US-60 just before Lexington, go north to Petersburg to where the Museum is located, see what we could see, spend the night up there, and return to US-60 west of Louisville, thus avoiding two of Kentucky's major cities.

We got to the Museum a little before it opened, and planned to spend three hours taking in the main exhibits: Walk Through Biblical History, Noah's Ark Construction Site, and Dinosaur Den. Afterward we would listen to the day's speaker, Dr. Geogia Purdom, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University.

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However, the speaker was replaced by a pre-recorded video of Ken Ham, the president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S. and the Creation Museum. Recording the presentation was forbidden so I took notes and filled in the details from Ken's book, "Already Lost" which we bought later in the bookstore. The overall presentation in the book is quite similar to that of the pre-recorded video.

Here are the main points:
  • The main problem today is Loss of Biblical Authority.
  • Two thirds of teen-agers no longer believe in the Bible.
  • The Founding Fathers of the United States were Christians.
  • According to the surveys reported in "Already Lost," children leave the Church because they don't trust the Bible. Further, those who go to Sunday School are more likely to leave than those who don셳.
  • The single biggest reason for leaving the Church is disbelief that the earth is less than 10,000 years old.
  • The number one area of disbelief is the age of the earth.
  • The reason they don셳 believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old is because Sunday school teachers don't know how to teach as well as public school teachers.
  • The authority of the Scriptures is the foundation. . . . Answers in Genesis exists to deflect these incoming attacks on God's Word [by public school teachers] so that when the life-changing messages of the Bible are proclaimed, they can be communicated with authority.
What follows is how these points play out in the Walk Through Biblical History exhibit.

After you park your car and head to the main entrance, the first thing you see is this guy:

Main entrance to the Creation Museum
©2009 D. McLane

After buying a ticket ($21.95 for an adult one-day pass, $16.95 for a senior, $11.95 for children, Fire, Military, Police, children under 5 are free) you come to the start of the Biblical History with its replica mastodon. The entrance to the Dragon Hall Bookstore (Dragons are considered the last of the dinosaurs.)

Mastadon at start of Main Hall
©2009 D. McLane

Next comes the first diorama, a young woman feeding a carrot to a rabbit while two small dinosaurs play off to the side.

First diorama in Main Hall
©2009 D. McLane

Leaving the high ceiling hall, you enter the Walk Through History proper. One of the first displays is that of two archeologists. One who interprets his findings based on human reason, the other who interprets his findings based on the Authority of the Bible. Namely, that God created the earth in six days, less than 10,000 years ago.

Archeologist who interprets his findings based on human reason
(archeologist who interprets his findings based on the Authority of the Bible not shown)
©2009 D. McLane

Next come three signboards which spell out the difference between Human Reason and God's Word. The text is too small to be read in a photo so I've typed them in.
HUMAN REASON: The present is the key to the past
According to human reason, present processes operating over 14 billion years explain the world we see today. Humans are only the latest ripple in the endless stream of evolution


GOD'S WORD: God's Word is the key to the past, present and future
God's Word reveals that, from the beginning, God created man and woman to dwell with him. God's intervention at key periods of history explains the world we see today.


Broadly speaking, "human reason" refers to "autonomous reasoning" -- the idea that the human mind can determine truth independently from God's revealed truth, the Bible. Reasoning is God's gift to humankind, but He has instructed us to use the Bible as our ultimate starting point (Proverbs 1:7) and also to reject speculations that contradict God's knowledge (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Philosophies and world religions that use human guesses rather than God's Word as a starting point are prone to misinterpret the facts around them because their starting point is arbitrary.

Every person must make a choice. Individuals must choose God's Word as the starting point for all their reasoning or start with their own arbitrary philosophy as the starting point for evaluating everything around them, including how they view the Bible.
In case that wasn't clear enough, there's a signboard which further summarizes. Again, the type is quite small so I'll type it in.

"God's Word is True" sign board
©2009 D. McLane
  • 40 authors, writing over 2,000 years, spoke the SAME MESSAGE.
  • Scrolls, discovered in the last century, confirm that the ORIGINAL WORDS have been preserved.
  • Archeology has confirmed that the Bible's HISTORICAL DETAILS are accurate.
  • Hundreds of BIBLE PROPHECIES have been fulfilled, and none has failed.
of heaven and earth, inspired the men who wrote the words.
Next we come to the men who penned the words, prophets and apostles (didn't get a good shot of the apostle diorama).

THE OLD TESTAMENT: God's Word is given through prophets
©2009 D. McLane

After that, there's a warning as to what happens when scripture is abandoned in the culture:

SCRIPTURE ABANDONED in the CULTURE leads to ... relative morality, hopelessness, meaninglessness
©2009 D. McLane

And then comes the main event, Adam and Eve coexisting with dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden "when everything was described by God as 'very good' and animals and man were vegetarian" ("Already Gone", page 103).

Adam & Eve in Garden of Eden along with dinosaur
©2009 D. McLane

Well, maybe not the main event, but the first part of the main event with the second being the reason why man and animals are no longer vegetarian and the trials and tribulations begin: the wily serpent.

The serpent
©2009 D. McLane

There's a lot more in the Walk Through Biblical History, Noah's Ark Construction Site, and Dinosaur Den but I decided to focus here on the main points both in terms of the visuals and the text.

After we had gone to the bookstore and picked up a copy of "Already Gone" and were going out the door, Sueko overheard a couple next to us saying they had bought $450 worth of educational equipment. I was able to get a shot of them in front of the photo stand waiting to get the photos of their visit but it was only a record shot and I thought the wily serpent and the reading dinosaur were more educational.

Bookshop dinosaur
©2009 D. McLane

Overall, I found the Museum to be well done. It's 79,000 square feet are filled with high-tech displays including animatronic (animated and motion sensitive) people and dinosaurs, and cost a reported $27 million.

If you're interested in photography, the place is made to order as many of the displays were designed by Patrick Marsh, who had formerly worked for Universal Studios designing attractions such as Jaws and King Kong before becoming a born-again Christian and young Earth creationist. Lots of light and shadow drama.

I shot everything hand-held, no-flash. The Bookstore Dinosaur was shot with a Nikon D300: ISO 400, 1/10 at F4.2 with a 18-200 mm DX VR lens at 34 mm. Couldn't have done it without the VR (Vibration Reduction) which is why I upgraded to the D300 for this project as it has both Vibration Reduction and improved Long Exposure Noise Reduction.
I will also be posting this story to Open.Salon a few days after it I've sent it to OMNI and will then send a newsalert containing links to both websites to my mailing list.
©2009 OhmyNews
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