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Welcome to the New Face of OhmyNews International
We invite all news guerrillas to join us in this grand experiment in globalization
Jean K. Min (internews)     Print Article 
Published 2004-05-27 14:51 (KST)   
Becoming one with the world and transcending time and space -- that's what the Internet was supposed to be about. The Internet has become the most powerful means of realizing Marshall McLuhan셲 "global village."

OhmyNews wouldn't exist without the Internet, and so from the start it should have been true to the spirit of being open to netizens everywhere. Sadly, a major language barrier has limited OhmyNews to Korean readers.

With the birth of OhmyNews International, OhmyNews is reborn as an Internet medium true to its name, open to English speaking netizens around the world. OhmyNews International is now up and running. We have an English version of our article input system, so we can accept registrations from "citizen reporters" around the world.

This will mean the citizen reporter model that has been the first and most successful endeavor of its kind will be fully open to anyone who can connect to the Internet. OhmyNews International has been in operation for barely over three months, but already it is attracting considerable attention from netizens all around the global village, as well as members of the news media.

OhmyNews has succeeded in a uniquely Korean situation, with the world's highest density of broadband access and netizens angry at the tyranny of the monopolistic and oligopolistic media powerhouses, thirsty for a greater social voice. We are very eager to see whether the citizens of the world find the same model just as applicable. OhmyNews International will not stop at simple translations from OhmyNews Korean. It will be a test of whether the citizen reporter model can be successfully globalized.

Can the same model grow beyond Korea's borders and succeed elsewhere? OhmyNews is not alone in seeking this answer. Major press organizations around are suffering the double burden of the shrinking role of the print media and the rapid growth of the Internet. They're searching for a breakthrough, and are watching the OhmyNews experiment.

For the first time for a Korean news company, OhmyNews has been invited to speak at the 11th World Editors Forum of the World Association of Newspapers this coming May 31 in Istanbul. We will begin to search for those answers there. OhmyNews President and CEO Oh Yeon Ho will speak before news editors from around the world and discuss the first four years of OhmyNews and the future of the press in the Internet era.

The event will mark the beginning of our globalization project. Once he's done in Istanbul, Oh will tour major media and universities in the U.K. to discuss our management model and areas of potential cooperation.

OhmyNews International is campaign central for OhmyNews' push to go global. We will be pursuing article and content agreements with global citizens who sympathize with rational progressivism and with progressive global media. It will be a bridgehead for exporting our news editing system and operational know-how developed and continually perfected over the last four years.

We invite citizen reporters in Korea and everywhere around the globe to join in this unheard-of experiment. News guerillas who have consistently posted articles in OhmyNews Korean's pages over the last four years are also encouraged to use their existing login names to post articles in English.

The international community wants to know what Korean civic society and progressive forces think about the North Korean nuclear issue, about the future of the United States Forces Korea (USFK) and Korea's sending of troops to Iraq. No longer will the international community have to assume that the English articles and columns on the Web sites of the Chosun Ilbo, JoongAng Ilbo and DongA Ilbo represent Korean public opinion.

We invite all news guerrillas to join in this grand experiment in globalization. Click that login button and input sharp and lively articles and comments in English, the language of global communication. We ask for your encouragement as we take our first step, going beyond Korea as we seek to grow to be a major global news presence.
Jean K. Min is the director of OhmyNews International.
©2004 OhmyNews

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