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Welcome to 'Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice'
OhmyNews International editor-in-chief Hong Eun-taek introduces our new section
Hong Eun-taek (ehpk3)     Print Article 
Published 2006-05-21 19:21 (KST)   
©2006 Kwon W.S.
We are inviting you to our new section, "Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice." Since the inception of our international operation two years ago, we have been focusing on how to recruit more citizen reporters. Now we believe it's time for us to think about how to go about doing citizen journalism itself.

There have been significant attempts to implement citizen journalism either on a global scale, as with OhmyNews, or on a more local level. Until now, OhmyNews has been one of the few successful sites of its kind. Rather than remaining content with our status, however, we continue to uncover those obstacles that have hindered the spread of citizen journalism around the world.

Hong Eun-taek
We strongly believe that citizen journalism can take root anywhere, not just in South Korea. For it is better to have citizens voice their own ideas and interests than to let the media represent them on their behalf. The Internet environment is improving around the world. As more people get online, a public square is being broadened and leveled for everyone to join in as active participants. Globalization in a sense paves the way for people to build communities with ever greater ease.

Traditional means of news gathering and dissemination are quickly falling behind the new paradigm. What troubles old media more is the changing nature of the news itself. We believe news is something that is made, not only by a George W. Bush or a Bill Gates but, more importantly, by people who are all allowed to think together. The news is a form of collective thinking. It is the ideas and minds of the people that are changing the world, when they are heard.

The concept itself is not hard to understand; rather, it is its execution that is less than easy. Thus there are few successful citizen journalism sites. And for that reason we are launching a new section. We'd like to share what we have experienced and learned from our operation. Our new section "Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice," we hope, will be a kind of teahouse for citizens to gather and freely discuss citizen journalism and share their own experiences with each other.

We would like to serve as a kind of host. Please let us know how we can improve citizen journalism and, ultimately, better serve citizens' interests. Your coming and partaking will be greatly appreciated.

Hong Eun-taek, OMNI editor-in-chief
©2006 OhmyNews
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