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OhmyNews Opens Research into Global Citizen Journalism
Citizen reporters are invited to profile citimedia Web sites around the world
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Published 2007-03-28 16:31 (KST)   
Dan Gillmor, director of Center for Citizen Media opened the forum last year with the keynote.
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Following the success of OhmyNews in Korea, media experts and activists worldwide have been experimenting with citizen participatory journalism online. However, many of these Web sites still remain unknown to the world or have not received proper attention.

As the pioneer in citizen participatory media, OhmyNews would like to open up research into independent citizen journalism Web sites around the world and introduce them to our global readers. And we intend to conduct this research the OhmyNews way -- open source and collaborative. For the successful implementation of this project, the participation of our international citizen reporters is absolutely required.

First, begin your research into your country's citizen media right away and find out what is out there. We advise you to interview founders and core members of the media.

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Among those introduced in OhmyNews, we will select some notable media leaders in citizen journalism and invite them to the upcoming 3rd International Citizen Reporters' Forum. The forum will be held from June 27 to 29 in Seoul this year.

OhmyNews also plans to establish a global network of international citizen media Web sites in the process while developing a global resource site of citizen journalism with relevant contents in the future.

During your interviews you will need to ask about the editorial process and business structure of the citimedia sites. Sample questions covering key areas are proposed below.

Selected articles will be published starting from April through May both in the English and Korean editions of OhmyNews. The articles published online will be compiled again to be printed in the forum brochure.

Eventually OhmyNews hopes to upgrade this informal network to an international association of citizen media, further encouraging exchanges among citizen reporters across the world.

For inquiries about this project, please contact Todd Thacker, senior editor, or Jean K. Min, communications director of OhmyNews.

We look forward to your active participation in this ambitious collaborative project.

Recommended Questions

Please tell us about your site. How did the site get started, and what are its goals?

What sets your site apart from traditional media outlets such as The New York Times?

Has your site been called the first citizen journalism site in your country or region?

How has citizen journalism matured and gained mainstream acceptance since your site launched?

Please explain how the editorial process at your site works. How can citizen journalists post articles on the site? Does your editorial staff work with citizen reporters in the field who pitch story ideas and then get paid if they are accepted?

How does your newsroom ensure and maintain a high degree of fairness, balance and accuracy from your citizen reporters?

What do you consider some of the main principles, or tenets, that form the basis of citizen journalism?

Do you consider independence an important hallmark of citizen journalism? If so, what does independence entail?

How does your site maintain its editorial integrity instead of being a vehicle for its founder's point of view?

Does transparency play a role in citizen journalism? How does your site use transparency?

When it comes to accuracy, what is the track record of citizen reporters of your site?

Does your site screen for inaccuracies and fact check the work of its citizen reporters?

Are the contributors of your site allowed to include subjectivity and point of view in their work, or is "objectivity" the desired focus?

What is the business model of your site?
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