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Citizen Journalism: A Great Platform
OMNI promotes friendship, cross-cultural networking
Munish Nagar (munish1107)     Print Article 
Published 2007-06-15 12:15 (KST)   
I always call OhmyNews a family because citizen journalism is a common platform and entirely different from the traditional media, which only tries to use experienced people.

Citizen journalism has changed the outlook of the entire situation, where everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced journalist, can work and get published equally.

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In the OhmyNews platform, I see myself as an emerging reporter getting published equally with experienced journalists like Ramzy Baroud, Aslam Khan, and Umer Faruq.

OhmyNews by promoting citizen journalism has also given the chance to every individual scattered throughout the world to work on a common platform with immediate feedback, which is somewhat difficult to find in the traditional media.

Citizen Journalism is a platform that makes people around the world united and turns their point of view towards the global level instead of being confined to their local boundaries.

The common platform is giving a chance to every citizen reporter of the world to work. In OhmyNews we can see a lot of citizen reporters from different countries writing on the same with their bylines.

The concept of giving bylines to everyone who is getting published boosts the morale of the citizen reporters and gives their name great recognition so that the reporters are no longer in the dark.

The immediate feedback concept in the citizen journalism gives clear directions to the writer to improve or move forward with a given particular direction.

It's not merely a platform for writing and getting published. It also promotes friendship.

The feedback and byline concept in the citizen journalism has made many citizen reporters friends whether they are not physically close to each other.

There is no need to go far for the example. My acquaintance with other citizen reporters slowly and gradually after interacting through the feedback led to our good friendly relations. At present I am in touch with many citizen reporters around the world.

My friendship with Aslam Khan got strengthened because of citizen journalism as we came in touch with each other frequently so that we should give feedback to each other and exchanging ideas regarding stories.

Citizen journalism has also given us a chance to know and understand the culture and the issues of other countries. Aslam Khan's articles and those of other Pakistani citizen reporters have helped the Indian readership to know about their culture, their issues, and their problems. The writings of Aslam Khan on the Eid festival gave a clear knowledge to the Indian readers to understand it fully. The Indian citizen reporters also wrote many things about India, which can teach the Pakistani readership about India.

I am in touch with many citizen reporters of Pakistan only because of citizen journalism, and we all are good friends and are concerned about each other's issues and problems.

The judicial crisis of Pakistan intrigued me and I was always updating myself about it. I also wrote many pieces regarding that. Even the torture of Aslam's friend and threatening calls to Aslam make me to write for them.

Our friendship prospered because of the citizen Journalism and we are concerned about each other now to a greater extent. We keep our eyes open to see what's happening beyond our boundaries.

The concept is growing gradually. The traditional media is still prevailing in the minds of people and they are not easily grasping the concept of citizen journalism.

The one big thing is that many people think that they can't write according to international standards.

It was because of citizen journalism that Aslam and I got closer together, and when the 14th SAARC summit was held a new idea to form a network of South Asian citizen reporters emerged in our minds.

The idea led to the practical grounds when I started working on that, and day-by-day it is growing. The brainchild of two friends is growing gradually and now it has more than 20 members.

The SACRN is an organization formed to promote the South Asian region and to eliminate the differences between the member countries so that the region could get united.

The network was just started after the SAARC summit and till date we have just been recruiting the members and in future we hope for more. But today is the gala day which will make Citizen Journalism a stronger and wider platform.
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