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Mira Sun, a Spokeswoman With Enthusiasm
An interview with international lawyer and former government spokesperson Mira Sun
Kim Kyu-sik (internews)     Print Article 
Published 2008-02-27 09:33 (KST)   
The following is an edited article from the second OhmyNews English News Camp, held at our Ganghwa Island school, Feb. 23-24. Thirteen students aged 14-18 took part in learning the ABCs of news writing and interviewing international lawyer Mira Sun. More articles will be published on OhmyNews International after our third camp in March.  <Editor's Note>
Would you be surprised if a former Secretary for Overseas Communication to President Roh Moo-hyun gave her first interview ever to students at OhmyNews English News Camp?

OhmySchool students were lucky enough to have an opportunity to interview Mira Sun, a foreign legal consultant at Hankyul Law Firm. They were the first to have an interview with her! They were not only able to interview her, but also learned important life lessons. Her interview with the students lasted nearly 90 minutes and students were eager to listen to her interesting stories and valuable advice.

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She started her interview by saying that she does not like being in the limelight.

"I hate to be a public person. So, when I was first told to work with the foreign press, I was not sure I would be able to do it. When I started working I thought that this job was the last thing I wanted to do. But I was very grateful to have been able to take up the position when I was done with the work two years later."

Her job was to cover the foreign press and to speak to them about government matters. Since everything she said was an official statement, she said that she had to be very careful in choosing every single word. She illustrated this with an interesting experience she had on the job.

"When North Korea launched a missile test, President Roh was to make a statement about the test. Before actually announcing it before the media, we had to revise the statement tons of times, since a mistranslation was unacceptable. We had to be very careful in choosing the appropriate words, since every word has its own nuance."

Ms. Sun then moved on to personal stories. She explained to students why she wound up having to switch careers numerous times, telling them that if she was doing something she was not happy about, she simply could not do her best. She also explained to students that choosing another career has always cost her something, such as leaving family behind and being in financially risky situations. She emphasized, however, that one should never give up on doing what's right for oneself, whatever the risks.

Ms. Sun possessed strong beliefs on how one should live.
"Many people talk about the right way to live, giving examples of how other people have lived their lives. I do not think that this is the right way to give advice, however. You cannot compare apples and oranges!"

To support her belief, she talked about an old friend of hers who had been caring for her sick husband for more than 20 years, saying that she could not have done it if she was in her friend`s shoes.

Ms. Sun also gave the students a tip: if there is something that you want to do that requires memorization skills, do it before you turn 30 years old. You simply cannot memorize as well when get older.

As she finished her interview, students replied with a big round of applause. They all seemed to be overwhelmed by her interview. Some students even took pictures with her telling her that her interview was very impressive. She finished her meeting with the students by having a dinner with them, while giving some advice for the future.

As an OhmySchool student, I will never forget this great experience. I learned about the important qualities that it takes to work abroad, such as integrity. I really appreciate her.
Kim Kyu-sik is a high school from Seoul.
©2008 OhmyNews

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