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OhmySchool's 'Together We Go' Commencement Project
Three day excursion to introduce 100 rural students to Seoul, Ganghwa Island
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Published 2008-07-07 16:56 (KST)   

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©2008 OhmyNews
Korea's premier online media site, OhmyNews is organizing a special 8th anniversary campaign, "Friends for 'lonely new students'" with the 'Beautiful Foundation' (Director Yoon Jeong-sook). Further information can be found on the website of OhmyNews (www.ohmynews.com).

This year, some 130 Korean children began elementary school without a single fellow classmate. OhmyNews wants to tell their stories and share the issues facing the children and their communities. Many rural communities are losing their young people and the once-strong communal values are also falling by the wayside. OhmyNews wants to reawaken the importance of these communities, their people and values.

OhmyNews will not only report on the stories of these 'lonely new' students but will also work with the 'Letter Box of Hope Support Enterprise' (sponsoring total of 50 million Won on music and computer equipment for example) to assist in the rehabilitation of such remote rural communities and schools.

'Together We Go' Commencement Project will choose 40 'lonely new' students from remote areas. They will be invited to Seoul along with their guardians (parents, teachers or citizen reporters) for both a field trip around Seoul and a summer camp of 2 nights/3 days (July 20th~22nd) at the OhmySchool campus located in Ganghwa island. They will participate in diverse array of programs promoting 'classmate networks'. Transportation fees and accommodation fees will be supported by the Beautiful Foundation.

In preparation of the camp, OhmyNews and Beautiful Foundation has recently formed the ''Together We Go' Commencement Organizers'. The list of the names of the organizers and the outline schedule of the summer camp are as follows.

* 'Together We Go' Commencement Organizers:

Kim Dang (OhmyNews Special Project Team Manager, Program Director)
Kim Yong-taek (Poet, 'Together We Go' Commencement Principal)
Oh Sae-hoon (Mayor of Seoul, 'Together We Go' Commencement Principal)
Oh Yeon-ho (OhmyNews Founder, Co-sponsor)
Yoon Seok-man (CEO of POSCO, 'Together We Go' Commencement Principal)
Yoon Jeong-sook (Beautiful Foundation Director, Co-sponsor)
Han Hye-jin (Celebrity, 'Together We Go' Commencement Teacher)

* 'Together We Go' Schedule

  • July 20 (Sunday) Seoul City Hall - Seoul City Tour - Seoul Youth Hostel (Namsan)
    - 1~2 p.m. Assemble at the grass field in front of City Hall (Woocheonsi Lecture Hall) -> 40 students, 40-50 guardians, 10-20 sponsors.
    - Oh Sae-hoon's, Seoul mayor (principal), special lecture (20mins) and photo shoot in front of City Hall (5mins).
    - Seoul city tour (Namdaemun, Cheonggyecheon, KT Ubiquitous Museum, Cheong Wa Dae, Gyeongbok Palace, Namsan Tower night view)
    - Dinner at Namsan Seoul Youth Hostel and bed.

  • July 21 (Monday) OhmyNews - Ganghwado OhmySchool
    - Breakfast at Seoul Youth Hostel then visit OhmyNews Office at Sangam Dong and 'Sangam DMC Film Museum'
    - Ganghwado OhmySchool commencement.
    - Opening Speech of Kim Yong-taek, 'Together we go' commencement principal and the village elder/ Orientation
    - After lunch, Ganghwa History Class
    - Dinner at OhmySchool and bed.

  • July 22 (Tuesday) OhmySchool - Home
    - Seoul city tour plus Ganghwado History tour, personal essay.
    - Participation in camp plus overall impression and discussion.
    - Lunch then return home. (Bus to Seoul Train Station and Gangnam - South Bus Terminal)

    (짚 For camp participants and schools, detailed schedule will be notified later.)

    The Classmate Network for the 쁫onely new students is a long term project. An online 'team blog' will be created by OhmyNews for student participants as well as for students who were unable to participate. The 'team blog' will evolve into an online community for the students and OhmyNews will support the community so that it can grow as a nationwide online network for students and schools in remote rural communities.

    'Lonely New Students' Team Blog is an online network and community space that will be used by 쁫onely new students nationwide. Students will not only share their own stories but also the stories of their communities. For instance, students at Sanchon School located at the northernmost tip of Korea will be able to exchange their stories of first snow with stories of typhoons from the students at Gageodo Primary School on Jeonnam Shinan island, located in southern Korea.

    In farming and fishing communities students not only enter school alone, but they also graduate alone. Therefore, OhmyNews is also preparing a 'Together We Go' Graduation Ceremony for these graduating students.

    'Together We Go' Graduation Ceremony (OhmyNews - POSCO Co-sponsor, mid-August) is a 'graduation trip' camp for Grade 6 students, who are the sole graduate of their class. They will be visiting the POSCO industrial complex and Pohang University of Science and Technology. They may have spent the last six years alone but they will be able to make dozens of new friends during the 2 night/3 day graduation trip.

    We look forward to greater number of student participants in the 'Together We Go' Graduation Ceremony as we prepare further details. All costs and fees will be fully supported by POSCO.

    For registration please contact the following phone numbers or emails. OhmyNews will follow-up for confirmation.

    We look forward to your support and participation for the 'lonely new' First Years and Graduates.

    (If you have further enquiries, please contact Kim Dang, team manager at OhmyNews, Lee Jeong-hwan, staff reporter and intern Lee Seul-gi)

    OhmyNews (www.ohmynews.com) Telephone : 02) 733-5505, 733-5595
    Kim Dang 011-357-3206 (h/p) dangkim@empal.com
    Lee Jeong-hwan 0101-4239-1339 (h/p) bangzza@ohmynews.com
    Lee Seul-gi 010-2991-2161 (h/p) cicicoo@sogang.ac.kr


  • ©2008 OhmyNews
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