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Meditation Helps Control Mind and Soul
A beginner's guide to an ancient practice
Manu Saini (khubi)     Print Article 
Published 2006-03-10 18:09 (KST)   
"Anamika" never treated people well and felt uncomfortable with her own life. Now, she's the opposite: happy, passionate, and a good lady. She owes this transformation to regularly practicing meditation.

Anamika heard about meditation from her friend and started practicing four months ago. Within that time, she became a new person.

The topic has also shocked me. Can meditation help one change so drastically?

Meditation comes in diverse forms and has been shown to enhance one's physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. High blood pressure, pain, and anxiety disorders are but a few of the conditions that meditation can relieve. The key to a successful meditation is to find a technique suited to you.

Meditation tips

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably with eyes closed and body relaxed; pick a word, phrase, or image to focus on while you sit. Breath slowly and naturally. If other thoughts, worries and distractions come up, just gently bush them side and return to your focus. Continue the meditation for about 20 minutes. Here are a few general, basic ideas for helping you get the most out of your meditation:

  • Make sure the place you pick is out of the way. It should be somewhere quiet, removed from distractions (at least the outer ones). For example, pick a place you cannot hear the phone, or take it off the hook.

  • Find a comfortable physical position. It is not necessary to assume the lotus position to meditate; sitting or lying down is fine.

  • Wear loose clothing.

  • Relax and take on a passive attitude. Do not try to make something happen.

    For all of meditation's benefits, researchers also have found that meditation can bring up negative physical and emotional experiences. This is not necessarily bad; discovering your troubled feelings may just be part of the process of opening up.

    However, people who undertake meditation should be aware of those possible reactions and get help if needed during the learning process.

    Some of the reported problems that people experience include anxiety, depression and even physical discomfort, such as headaches, sore throats, cramped muscles, sweating, shivering, trembling racing heart beats, and tingling or stinging sensations in parts of the body.

    Other side effects might include a certain smell or taste sensation or sudden laughing or crying outbursts. Some experts attribute these symptoms to the tension release

    Usually, these symptoms are only experienced by new meditators, and the problems soon vanish. Such side effects are not indicators to stop or reduce meditation, unless the effects persist and make you really comfortable. The path to self-awareness can be bumpy, but almost with no exception, those who travel it consider it worth the trip.

    The fourth dimension

    While many people are originally drawn to meditation to learn to relax or boost their energy, they might also discover that meditation is a window to self-exploration. Sometimes without intending it, people who practice meditation find themselves opening up to new ways of questioning and thinking about themselves and their lives. This is a more difficult benefit to describe to be sure, but nonetheless, is on that many meditators come to experience personally.

    I am also really impressed with it. I have also started to meditate and I have realized the importance of meditation. It helps to control your mind and heart. Controlling oneself is a step towards success. It is also believed that ancient people also meditated in the mountains. We call them rishi muni. They were also successful because the meditation helped them to control their mind and heart.

    Meditation can bring a great change in every soul and mind. So it can be helpful to every one who is feeling uneasy and impassionate. So I urge them to practice meditation and climb the ladder to success.

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