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'Crawl': New Game Invented By a Sherpa
People learn to bow to promote humility, world unity
Radheshyam Dahal (rsdahal)     Print Article 
Published 2006-03-24 16:09 (KST)   
The starting point of LG Kambache Sherpa's first New York crawl.
©2006 Sherpa
A new game -- "Crawl" - has been introduced by LG Kambache Sherpa, born in Nepal, but living in the U.S. He is the father of this new game and is now busy promoting it.

He demonstrated the game in New York for charity and was very successful. The news was broadcasted and printed in the international press. After gaining some popularity, he is now trying to go global. He started the game on May 29, 2005, the day when Mount Everest was first climbed by Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norgey.

In a visit to Nepal, he talked with us exclusively and claimed his game is based on a tiger's moment and hoped to spread it throughout the world. He also said that he is planning to hold an annual crawling event in Nepal.

He wants to promote this game from Nepal and he is now busy doing the homework and thinking about making a crawling club.

Sherpa already demonstrated the game in New York. He covered a distance of 18 kilometers in a week from Broadway Bridge to ground zero to help raise funds for the victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami and to honor the police officials and firefighters who died on Sept. 11 at the World Trade Centre.

On Dec. 3 they organized another fund raising crawling event in New York. The fastest person to summit Mount Everest -- Lakpa Gelu Sherpa -- also took part.

He defined his game this way; "Crawling is walking using all four limbs. But it also includes skills like stalking, galloping and leaping. It is also good for health, but my main aim is spiritual. When people go down on the ground on four limbs, the feeling of selfishness disappears."

©2006 Sherpa
He said "crawling also shows humility, a way to beg on the hands and knees for peace and harmony."

He has several crawling techniques for different situations. The fastest is a vigorous galloping horse. He defines crawling using six different categories -- Simple Crawl, Standard Crawl, Stalking, Simple Gallop, Full Gallop and the Leap.

"Many sherpas climb Everest, but I explore crawling," he said. Mr. Sherpa is part of a family of guides, many of whom have scaled Everest. He has guided Westerners on month long treks, but has never tried to reach the summit.

His disabled relative influenced him when he saw him crawling very easily. Solukhumbu is a cab driver in America. He also added, "Crawling looks more like an adventure sport, but for the people who love to perform new things it is certainly an attractive pastime.

LG Kambache Sherpa
©2006 Radheshyam
He is now busy making rules and designing sports wear. He said "Youngsters are very interested in this game so I'm quite happy it's getting popular." He has trained many school boys in the U.S. during a summer camp last year. He found very interested youngsters in Nepal, too.

He added that he is trying to promote this game for world unity and spirituality. "Although this game is challenging, it makes a man bow, which ultimately leads to peace and harmony in this world. We can help a lot to restore peace in this world through this game," he says.
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