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Nazi War Criminal Chased in Chile
'Dr. Death' of Mauthausen hiding since 1963
Marcelo Mackinnon (pelarco)     Print Article 
  Published 2006-05-04 06:23 (KST)   
The chase for "Dr. Death," one of the last Nazi war criminals still at large and believed to be on the run in Chile, took a few leaps forward recently following some court decisions in Germany. Interest in the whereabouts of Aribert Heim was bolstered last year when a mysterious account with over a million U.S. dollars in funds was discovered in Ibiza, Spain and linked by investigators to the "Butcher of Mauthausen."

Aribert Heim
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Germany's Baden Baden court has requested that the Chilean Supreme Court interrogate Waltraud Diharce, Heim's daughter, currently living in the city of Vina del Mar, 130 kilometers to the west of Santiago, the Chilean capital. "La Tercera," a local newspaper, reports that the German request arrived in Chile on April 24, and is still being evaluated by Chilean judges in order to decide whether an investigation is warranted or not.

The Court of Baden Baden wants to ascertain whether Heim is living in the South American country or whether his relatives know of his whereabouts. Aribert Heim was named "the other Mengele" by Jewish prisoners at the concentration camp of Mauthausen, Austria.

The German court accuses Heim of "injecting prisoners with gasoline, salt, poison and benzine, as well as carring out surgeries and amputations of limbs without anaesthesia and murdering hundreds of people in gas chambers."

According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Heim was the assistant of Adolf Eichmann (captured by Israeli commandos in Buenos Aires in 1960 and executed in Jerusalem in 1962).

On May 2, "La Tercera" interviewed a woman with the characteristics of Waltraud Diharce, but she stated that "I have never had a father, I never met him, I am now 63 years old, and all my mother has said is that my father died in Russia during World War II." Heim's wife is living is Germany and has been interrogated. The Baden Baden court also wants to know why Waltraud made so many trips to Austria and Switzerland in recent years.

Aribert Heim would now be 91 years old. A major lead to his whereabouts was the discovery in 2005 of a US$1.3 million account in Ibiza, Spain that has never been claimed. The German justice suspects that Heim's wife and daughter have been collecting funds to hide the "Butcher of Mauthausen" since then.

- Nazi War Criminal Chased in Chile, by Marcelo Mackinnon 

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