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Jan Wong in Wonderland
[Opinion] 'Bad' reporting results in witch-hunts, inquisitions and purges
Michael Werbowski (minou)     Print Article 
Published 2006-09-28 13:22 (KST)   
Jan Wong, a reporter for The Globe and Mail, committed what has recently become a cardinal crime in journalism. Because of this, she is an apostate, a heretic and a "non believer." All because she dared to question the reigning orthodoxy imposed by the "cultural Marxists," or bureaucrats, who run our postmodern Western democracies.

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Wong questioned whether government funded policies and programs such as official bilingualism in Canada, or in the case of Quebec, official "unilingualism," has helped or hindered the integration of minorities into society. This is apostasy worthy of excommunication to anyone who considers any of the "isms" to be sacred as a doctrine.

The Dark Ages Revisited?

Like the Pope recently, Wong made a highly controversial assumption. Wong's assumption was based purely on conjecture perhaps, but it was a legitimate journalistic angle regardless of how implausible it might have seemed to those with an opposing point of view or another ax to grind. In the Pope's case, he simply made a historical reference to the frictions that characterized the clashes between two monotheistic yet messianic religions.

So we can move on, let us not quibble about the Pope's remarks and equate the fanatical fervor of the Vatican in the Middle Ages with that of Mecca today. Good, now back to Wong.

Of course, if in the pages of the Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper, People's Daily, Wong had expressed her opinion on a touchy topic like why so and so went on a shooting rampage at this or that university or college, she would have been promptly censored. It is possible she then would have been sent to a labor camp -- to be "rehabilitated."

Fortunately, in our Western democracies such measures are not yet required. Instead, we have other measures, like government sponsored "public humiliation campaigns" concocted by strategists and spin doctors to silence anyone who speaks out and challenges or questions the views and precepts of our ideological multicultural mullahs. It seems only just that such an attack can kill two birds with one stone by setting an example for the rest of us. Otherwise, we might be tempted to let our minds stray a bit too far from the ideological "comfort zone."

The Media's Complicity in Propagating and Reinforcing "Ideological Talibanism"

The media is often guilty of propagating the "thought control" techniques so readily employed by multiculturalists and bureaucrats. As in Wong's case, questioning a majority-held dogma will trigger a witch-hunt that uses the incriminating factor as a syllogism; that is, uses a flawed assumption to advance a falsely premised idea as gospel or undeniable truth.

For instance, if you do not like rap music, then you are assumed to be guilty by association of being a "racist," or if you dislike the call of a minaret that wakes you up on Sunday morning, then you are "intolerant" of Islam and by extension all "other religions" unlike your own. If you do not give even a shilling to the local AIDS day campaign, then you are a heartless homophobe. If you open the door for an attractive lady at the playhouse, then by inference you are a "sexist pig." And so on...

Wong was vilified for implying that three separate shooting incidents in Montreal, rather than being the work of disgruntled loners of "ethnic" origin, might be linked in a causal manner to overzealous and bigoted nationalist language legislation, fanatical feminism and multicultural policies, that is, on whatever is not accepted as the gospel, imposed on our free and democratic societies from above. Such notions are branded absurd balderdash.

Dissecting a Myth

Why would Wong advance such a notion? She leads a fairy tale life in her "native land." She is a highly successful daughter of Chinese immigrants who integrated as well as any into a receptive society. Her father opened a Chinese restaurant and was fairly prosperous. He had mixed feelings about government imposed language laws. He sent his daughter to the best English University in the country: McGill. She is a model of the accomplished and assimilated immigrant.

An observant reporter, Wong realized that the actions of a madman are not always "isolated." In fact, they may be attributed partly to the society and the polity we live in.

Three hundred years ago, the clerical theocracy would have burned apostates like Wong at the stake. Exposing a system's failings, historically speaking, is troublesome. In Wong's case, the punishment clearly did not fit the crime. My fear is that such actions are merely a precursor to the purges of the future
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