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OhmyNews Citizen Journalism School Opens
A rural elementary school gets a $400,000 upgrade
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Published 2007-11-24 14:44 (KST)   

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Some 90 minutes by car from the South Korean capital of Seoul is an abandoned rural elementary school. Deserted for more than 10 years, it now sports a $400,000 upgrade that will be the new home of the OhmyNews Citizen Journalism School, a community education center focused on teaching citizen journalism and user created content.

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Designed as a "collaborative knowledge center" for over 60,000 citizen reporters and netizens, the school, which opens Nov. 24, will give urbanites a rare opportunity to recharge themselves as content creators in the middle of idyllic rural setting.

In a typical Korean rural town in the west of the country, the OhmyNews school is located on 9,509 square meters surrounded by a rich array of historical sites ranging from old military bases to Buddhist temples.

Facilities will include three classrooms large enough to accommodate 100 students simultaneously and in-school lodging and dining capacity for 50 guests, complete with broadband Internet access and blanket Wi-Fi coverage. It also has a mid-size recreation area and room for other outdoor sports activities.

The education program will include journalism 101 classes for citizen reporters, writing workshops for new citizen reporters, and digital camera class customized for photo journalism and video news gathering.

Computer room
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Main classroom
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The faculty will be composed of professional journalists from print, radio and television news and senior OhmyNews citizen reporters, with additional teaching staff with a variety of expertise and colorful professional backgrounds.

Advanced classes will include:

  • "How to improve your interview skills"
  • In-depth classes by OhmyNews founder Oh Yeon-ho for aspiring and junior journalists
  • Re-education program for professional journalists
  • Workshops for Internet journalism targeted at college and university students
  • Intensive journalism prep-school for young applicants who want to join professional news organizations

    There will also be special classes for media executives and managers who wish to start a new media venture, business writing classes for corporate managers and executives and practical writing class for leaders and publicists of non governmental organizations.

    Various classes on general health care and other well-being issues will also be on offer.

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