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Lockerbie: A Father Accuses
'Have we really sunk so low'
Ludwig De Braeckeleer (ludwig)     Print Article 
Published 2008-02-07 10:01 (KST)   

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The Financial Times has confirmed that oil giant BP just ratified a 450-million-British-pound oil contract with Libya after UK politicians drafted a prisoner transfer agreement that, most certainly, covers the Libyan citizen convicted of the bombing of Pan Am 103 on Dec. 21 1988. OMNI reported the suspected deal last August (1).

British Petroleum's Board of Directors has suggested that their logo now stands for Beyond Petroleum. In the light of the above, some readers may react with skepticism to their suggestion. But one thing is certain. BP does not stand for British Pride.

Dr. Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora died in the Lockerbie tragedy, is co-founder of the UK Flight 103 Family and a regular spokesperson for the organization. Yesterday, he e-mailed me the following letter, which I want to share with OMNI readers.

Letter From Dr. Swire

A recent article in a respected English broadsheet claims that Mr. Blair's already publicized "memorandum of understanding," as Whitehall decided to call it, was really negotiated in order to secure a huge contract for BP in the Libyan oil industry. [2]

Readers will remember that even without knowledge of so cynical a commercial reason for the agreement, there was concern as to its affect on Megrahi's position, and anger at the failure to consult the Scottish government, and Alex Salmond in particular.

We now hear that Jack Straw has admitted that Megrahi's transfer to Libya to serve the rest of his sentence was essential to completion of the deal.

The Crown Office maintains that there is no question of Megrahi being allowed to be repatriated while his current second appeal is still in process.

It has been clear for a long time that the court hearing of this appeal could not proceed without embarrassing revelations emerging over evidence led at Zeist, and in the view of many, the prosecution case would fail.

It is also known that Megrahi himself is determined to clear his name.

What is to stop the Crown [from] now abandoning the case, thus serving "the national interest," as exemplified by the Libya-BP deal?

At the last hearing in the Edinburgh High Court we heard how the prosecution were still not prepared to divulge the contents of a document (from an unknown foreign country known not to be the US) to the defense. Failure to do so would be likely to mean that the Court would have to declare a fair appeal impossible.

Already the Crown, through the Advocate General, was talking of obtaining public interest immunity certificates to "protect" the document from being divulged to the defense.

We Lockerbie relatives have bitter memories of threats of public interest immunity certificates being prepared against us when our questions at the Lockerbie Fatal Accident Inquiry were becoming embarrassing to the government of the day.

If the Crown abandons the case, or if the Court cannot proceed without the document, Libya, Whitehall and BP would all be delighted. Abandonment of the case would presumably result in the verdict being declared unsafe and so overturned, in view of the SCCRC's [Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission's] published view that the Zeist trial might not have been fair.

Would there then be any losers?

Well yes there would. Scotland, her government and her justice system would have been used as an expendable tool to achieve a politically, and now commercially, convenient stitch up. The relatives would see that their legitimate interests in seeking to find out who really murdered their loved ones and why their families were not protected, had again been treated with cynical derision, this time in front of the altar of profit.

Have we really sunk so low as to be prepared, behind a screen of deceit, to sacrifice national decency, integrity and the truth itself for the enrichment of BP and its shareholders and the acquisition of further fossil fuel? After all the glory of the Scottish Enlightenment, have we now been reduced to this? Sic transit gloria mundi.

Dr Jim Swire, father of Flora, who was murdered at Lockerbie 21/12/88
1. Libya Foreign Medics Swapped for Lockerbie Convict.

2. Assurance Call on Bomber Transfer.
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