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[Photo Essay] New Yorkers Protest Israel's Attack on Gaza
2,000 demonstrators in Rockefeller Center
Ronda Hauben (netizen2)     Print Article 
Published 2008-12-29 16:47 (KST)   

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On Sunday, Rockefeller Center in New York City was the site of an unusual happening. A demonstration of about 2,000 people protesting the Israeli bombing of Gaza filled the streets in juxtaposition to the usual holiday fare of Saint Patrick's Cathedral and the large Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
The site of posters and people against the backdrop of Saint Patrick's Cathedral fills the New York skyline.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
This demonstrator found a unique way to protest the killing in Gaza with his handmade paper bag sign.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
"Jews for a Just Peace" joined the demonstration to add their voice to the protest.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
Rockefeller Center and the Christmas tree setting as the backdrop for protest signs and people.

One passerby said she was moved to tears thinking about the situation in Gaza. She wanted there to be a means for Jews and Palestinians to live together in equality.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
The T-shirt says "We will not be silent" which was a theme of the demonstration.

People were out to do what they could to protest what was happening in Gaza.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
The protester said his sign said "Do Not Kill" in Hebrew.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
A child high on his father's shoulders makes the peace sign with both hands.

"This is all he could do," his father told us. He seemed a symbol of the struggle for a peaceful solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
These Jews are challenging Israel's claiming to represent all Jews.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
"Hamas is a Political Party, not a terrorist organization" said the sign.

Hamas won the election in Palestine in January 2006. The bombing of the Palestinian government by Israel is viewed as the bombing of the democratic rights of the Palestinian people.

The demonstration went on for several hours at Rockefeller Center. The protest then proceeded to the Israeli Consulate and the Israeli Mission to the UN.

The demonstration was spirited with many demonstrators holding signs and joining in the chants. The signs were supportive of the Palestinians and their struggle.

Suddenly when the demonstration reached 2nd Avenue and the intersection where the Israeli mission to the UN resides, several news signs criticizing Israel and Jewish people came to the front ranks of the demonstration.

One of those in the demonstration said that the organizers of the march were not happy about these people and their signs. They hadn't been an obvious part of the demonstration earlier but suddenly they were at the front of the demonstration with their signs hostile to Israel and Jews. Several of marchers were critical of this happening in their march.

The march presented a critique of Israel and its harsh treatment of the Palestinians, not any form of hatred against Israel and Jews.

©2008 Ronda Hauben
The demonstration ended across from the Israeli mission to the United Nations.

Demonstrators praise the continuing resistance in Gaza.

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I don't know
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