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[Opinion] A Blogspot/OhmyNews partnership would create a new leviathan
C.H.L. George (aeogae)     Print Article 
Published 2006-05-01 15:51 (KST)   
Google-owned Blogspot has been losing its edge recently.

With archaic stylesheets and a lack of built in features, it's no surprise that many users end up migrating to sleeker systems such as Wordpress.

However it is only a matter of time before Google wakes up to the fact that Blogspot and its bloggers are the jewel in its crown.

If handled properly, Blogspot could become one of the leaders in the citizen journalism revolution begun by OhmyNews.

This is certainly the time for those who care about the future of citizen journalism to wake the sleeping giant and unleash its potential.

If Blogspot goes into partnership with OhmyNews, the resulting publication will have more writers than any other newspaper in history.

Under this partnership all bloggers would be automatically registered as citizen reporters, and the very best of their writing would appear in OhmyNews.

OhmyNews would become one of the largest newspapers in the world, and have a significantly expanded range of subject sections to reflect the diversity of issues discussed by bloggers.

It would also become one of the most important hub points in the blogosphere.

Bloggers' stories would be selected for the newspaper in a number of ways.

Firstly, Blogspot traffic would be measured to pinpoint popular posts. These posts would then pass automatically into editorial review where they would be sorted by an international team of OhmyNews employees.

Inappropriate material such as pornography would be discarded. Then after fact checking the posts would be displayed on the website and their authors paid a small fee.

Other posts would be sent for editorial review by an international team of talent spotters.

These men and women would be bloggers who have registered for the right to recommend posts on subjects that interest them such as politics, technology, the environment, education and health.

Talent spotters would be asked to refrain from suggesting the same blogs more than once a month in order to encourage them to read as widely as possible.

Their suggestions would then be sorted and fact checked by paid employees before being included in the newspaper.

Finally, in order to include posts that are good but receive little traffic, a Blogspot tagging system would be introduced.

This means that a blogger writing about a subject like Iraq would insert a small piece of html into his or her post, which would then enable it to be listed alongside all other posts discussing Iraq that week.

Paid employees would look for the most cited tags and then go through the lists to find the most original posts.

A partnership between Blogspot and OhmyNews would set an example for other bloghosts and newspapers, and kick start a second wave in citizen journalism.

The only question that remains is, how long will it take for Google to realize that it is sitting on a golden egg?

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