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The Horrific Fires of Sept. 2001
[Opinion] The terrible day that shocked the world
Alex Argote (alexphil)     Print Article 
Published 2006-09-12 14:37 (KST)   
Five years ago this month the world entered a new, upgraded phase of the conflict between the extremes of the east and west. Five years ago on Sept. 11 four passenger jets fully laden with explosive fuel were hijacked by men who were field operatives of the Al Qaeda network, the international terrorist organization said to be headed by the elusive Osama bin Laden.

What happened next were moments of extreme and unbridled brutality. During the nightmarish attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon, the hijackers torpedoed the planes together with the unfortunate passengers and themselves into buildings full of people. Within hours, America would lose its best and brightest, as the towering icons of its imperial economic and political dominance were reduced into an enormous mountain of smoking rubble and a graveyard of thousands of mangled human remains.

In a sense, mankind had a peek into an image of future violence that will surely unfold in the years to come as the struggle for world domination eventually explodes into a global nuclear war.

The 19 terrorists divided themselves into four squads and the respective units boarded planes from different airports in the mainland U.S., then in a synchronized attack they succeeded in murdering thousands of people.

On that day, Sept. 11, 2001, the "Day of Infamy" of our times, the "bastion and symbol of democracy" died and lived again in a seemingly interminable epoch of extreme barbarism that rocked the entire civilized world, and sent reverberations of confusion and pathos rippling accross oceans and continents.

The twin towers of the World Trade Center were considered by many to be technological and engineering marvels of the 20th century. Through the towering monoliths, the United States flaunted its immense wealth and showcased its high technological advancement to the rest of the world. The WTC became the nerve center of globalized business and industry from where the very high placed capitalist czars directed mining operations in various mineral deposits in Africa, in Southeast Asia and heavily influenced Wall Street.

For decades, the colossal twin towers dominated the Lower Manhattan skyline and held sway over the skyscrapers of New York city. The 110 floor superstructures became inevitable landmarks of the U.S. and were visited daily by tourists.

Watching the televised coverage of the attack from the Southern Philippines, I envisioned the specter of the blazing inferno of hell materializing right above New York. It seemed for me that God had punished the opulent Americans and their lives of materialistic excess.

I had to blink many times and rubbed my eyes more than once to make sure that I was fully awake and not just dreaming. But there on the television screen history was unfolding right before my eyes. I was too stunned and somewhat shocked by the sheer act of barbarism that had been committed half a world away.

The attacks reminded the world of the existing emnity and hostility between Muslims and Christians. Well into the modern age of supposedly peaceful harmony and understanding among 21st century humans, the primordial urge of murder and destruction is still pulsating with ferocious intensity and reckless violence in the minds of some who desire to bring about change by spilling the blood of men.

In the back of my mind, I sometimes think of the twin towers as fuses that have been lit to finally start a third world war. The wires of hate are now burning, the sparks flaring toward a very possible world conflagration that will consume many nations and more than half of Earth's population in a nuclear holocaust.

The beacons of war have been lit. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the world marches blindly into a new dark age.
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