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Things to Do in Manaus, Brazil
Amazon city can be lots of fun if you take the time to get to know it
Antonio Carlos Rix (carlosrix)     Print Article 
Published 2006-11-13 17:05 (KST)   

I travel quite often to Manaus on business. You may have read about some of that experience here at OhmyNews International. Many people I meet in Manaus complain about the hot weather -- really hot actually -- and that they are tired of the hotel, etc, etc.

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My first answers are two questions:

1) When do you generally go back? (to Rio/Sao Paulo/U.S.)
2) What about your friends here?

Most of the time these travelers go home on Friday and they do not make friends in Manaus... well, this way it is hard, very hard! First of all, don셳 go home Friday evening or afternoon. Give Manaus a chance; stay one weekend or go on Sunday afternoon if you are not coming back the next week.

Second, my advice is for you to try to make friends of the locals. If this is not possible there are many other lonely traveling people just like you in your hotel. I met many such people at the Adrianopolis where I usually stay.

See, during the week you may get to know the other lonely boys and girls. They are at the restaurant in the morning for breakfast, in the swimming pool in the late afternoon. Ask them where they are from, how often they come to Manaus, what they do. People tend to respond well when you want to know about them and show real respectful interest. It does work. I have gotten to know all these people at the hotel.

Going around by taxi is expensive in Manaus. In a group of three or four costs will come down -- as they say, "it always cheaper by the dozen."

©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix
The willingness is there? You are ready to go, right? You got new friends, or at least friends to share expenses and good a time? Right! Where do you go now?

Let me give some suggestions.

If all you've got is one day my bet would be a floating restaurant at the Rio Negro (Black River) You know that as citizen journalist I should tell you my own experience instead of playing the tourist agent. Let's see...

I was at the hotel as usual by myself for two weeks, Tuesday I met Nina and two days later we both met Marcia at the swimming pool of the hotel. Both were there for work and alone in Manaus. We talked and shared experiences. With the weekend arriving and the possibility of becoming boring couch potatoes on Saturday and Sunday frightened the three of us. My friend Michel Rondini was there also, so I introduced my new friends to him, the same way I had introduced Nina to Marcia.

During the show, you could be inside or outside the theater at a sidewalk bar.
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix
Inside the Amazon Theater
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix
Friday night was jazz night in Manaus. Yes, the theater, known worldwide as the Amazon Theater, is a historic place everyone visiting the city must go. On Friday nights that is just the hangout place. There are many nice places to eat and there is always an outdoor show for you to enjoy. This time Michel had other plans, so I went with the girls. Check the picture on the left and the two above; they'll tell you more than words can.

Well, Friday was done. A nice idea is to go Saturday afternoon and visit the historic Manaus Theater -- its a great move -- forget the TV.

We decided to be more energetic and go to one of the floating restaurants. Michel came along this time. First we went downtown -- an interesting place in itself -- for a view of the harbor. Check it out in the following pictures and comments:

View of an old, interesting church to visit downtown
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Downtown Manaus: People playing Capoeira, a common scene.
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Rua do Bate Palmas (literally Clap Hands Street): A 10-block-long street where you can buy lots of things and the sellers clap their hands as they announce their products.
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Manaus Port
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Manaus Port as seen from the Rio Negro. Boats at a floating gas station
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

There are many floating restaurants around. We chose one and early on Saturday went off to try it. From the harbor you may get a small speedboat; it is a 20 to 30 minute trip by river. What you get there? Check it out:

A jump by the author into the river near the floating restaurant.
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Marcia from Espirito Santo, Nina from Germany and Michel from São Paulo
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Near the restaurant: You can eat fish, swim and enjoy yourself a lot.
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Other diners
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

While in the flouting restaurant we met two other people. One couple, Ms Eunice and her husband Mr Hercules, took us to a boat trip and a group led by Ms Viviane Yamashita, who invited us to dinner next Thursday. Yamashita offered her own house. Manauaras (people from Manaus) are very open and nice people. They like to make friends with outsiders like foreigners and people from other states like myself and Marcia. Both things were fantastic.

In the foreground Marcia and the author, in the middle Hercules and Eunise, in the back Nina and Michel
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

Dinner at Viviane's home, a fantastic fish night of Tambaqui, Pirarucu, Matrincham, Jaraqui, you name it...
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix

So as you can see there are lots to do in Manaus. Now its up to you. I want to read your trip story to anywhere in the world. Make it nice, OK?

Oh, by the way, if you want something more adventurous, click here.

Have fun and take care!

One last shot an amazing Sunset from the floating restaurant.

Sunset on the Rio Negro: Manaus, the Amazon, Brazil
©2006 Antonio Carlos Rix
©2006 OhmyNews
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