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[Poem] Let There Be Peace in Every Piece
Let there be peace all over the world
Bhuwan Thapaliya (Bhuwan)     Print Article 
Published 2008-07-08 04:41 (KST)   
They are preparing
for a war
in the name of
defending their faith.

They are preparing
to drop the bombs
in the name of
defending their shame.

Oh, what a paradox!
Oh, what a sin!

Don't follow their path,
my friend!

Don't take a sword
to defend your faith.

Use your words instead.
Use your compassion instead.

Remember, they have same flesh
and blood as you, my friend!

Remember, they are no different from you.
They live within you as you live within them.

Enough is enough;
stop this inhuman game of hate.

Let there be peace on Earth.
Let it proceed from you.

Let there be no place
for the piece of hate
in the puzzle of our life.

Peace, peace; let there be peace
all over the world.

Let there be peace
in every piece.

Let the peace bridge gaps
between religions and culture
and let the peace
open our doors to one another
for our better tomorrow.

Let the peace unite us all.
Let the peace be the
one and only religion of this world.

Peace peace peace peace.
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