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A Multilingual Genius From Norway
Adam Donaldson Powell is a pathfinder and a pathmaker
Bhuwan Thapaliya (Bhuwan)     Print Article 
Published 2008-10-23 14:54 (KST)   
Several years ago, I had read somewhere that literature is an interpretation of life, as life shapes itself in the mind of the interpreter.

Those few words immediately stirred my heart but after few days I completely forgot what I had read, but after coming across the works of Adam Donaldson Powell, a multilingual author, essayist, literary critic, professional visual artist and poet from Norway, I had a meeting with those lost and forgotten words yet again after all these years.
There is nothing more beautiful
And yet so sorrowful as
A man's tears over humiliation
And loss, cradled in the bosom
Of a woman.
Uncontrollable sobbing -
A torrential rainfall

(Pavane, from "Rapture: endings of space and time")
Adam Donaldson Powell was born in 1954 in Buffalo, New York. He has published several poetry collections in the US, Norway and India. He has previously been a professional musician in the US (classical pianist and cellist), and studied under Jacob Lateiner, Arminda Canteros and Berenice Lipson-Gruzen.

Adam Donaldson Powell with his books
©2008 Arne Walderhaug, Norway
Powell is internationally featured guest poet and has read his poetry at venues in New York City, Oslo, Buenos Aires and Kathmandu. He has also authored theatrical works performed onstage in Norway, and he was the recipient of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry's travel stipend for authors in the year 2005 and the AZsacra International Poetry Award in 2008.
Gazing toward the window I can see the rising sun
juxtaposed against the crumbling rose-coloured
temple in the foreground; almost mocking the
distant luxury hotels, still caught in the shadows.

(Prologue, from "Rapture: endings of space and time")
The more I read the works of Powell, the more I was convinced that literature is an interpretation of life - as life shapes itself in the mind of the interpreter. Lovers of fantastic poetry can light up their hearts and minds with the sensational poems by Powell that are sure to make you ponder on and on.

Adam Donaldson Powell's poems and short stories enlighten the characters, plots and feelings by resorting to a profound application of visual imagery and detail, which can be compared with the modernist sensibilities of William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf and T.S. Eliot to name a few.
Knee-deep in blood,
the poet savant wades
through the temple of Taleju -
marching in step
to the military band
and gun salutes
in honor of
the Goddess Durga
and Vishwa Karma,
God of Creativity.
The air is black
with the smell of
slaughtered buffaloes.
Protection is assured;
and all are blessed -
by the army
of the Divine.

(Nawami, from "Rapture: endings of space and time)
Adam Donaldson Powell is a people's poet, and a master of visual art. He is also a profound short story writer and his outlook on life is deep and critical. Moreover, his literary horizons are wide and diverse. But like the light of the candle, his determination as an artist and his belief that written words can change the course of humanity is as straightforward and rigid as ever; he is something more than just a superb author.

He is a pathfinder and a pathmaker. Adam Donaldson Powell represents the multilingual world of literature with prestige, as the bearer of the torch of Western enlightenment. His creations seek to harmonize the West with the East, and vice versa.

He writes and publishes his works originally in four languages: French, Spanish, Norwegian and English, and his works have helped to stimulate literary impulses in those languages. His areas of interests are diverse but as a writer he focuses on world art, culture, community development, peace, solidarity and universal love.
You and he and they
In opposition to
My circle of One.
The moon is in Fresno -
Long gone retrograde
And void of course.

(Zodiac, from "Three-legged Waltz")
He is known for his lucid style, narrative power and critical assessments of protagonists in world literature. Adam writes for the general reader rather than for academia, but his works are uniformly well-researched and readable. Some of his works are so simple that even a school kid can digest them easily but sometimes some of his works are so deep that even a scholar with a Ph.D. will find them challenging because Powell's knowledge knows no boundaries.

They say simple poems are hard to write, and Adam Donaldson Powell's poems are simple. He is a master of simplicity in poetry.
the mind is quite a
beautiful thing - until
one begins to lose it.

(A beautiful thing, from "Rapture: endings of space and time)
His work is multifaceted and I cannot do it justice by pointing out only a few aspects of his creative work. I have presented him to you as an open book, so now it is up to readers to flip through the various pages of his life and to read his gems as you wish.

But, take my advice: "Once you start reading his works, you won't be able to blink your eyes because the gravity and the serenity of his works won't let you do so. Such is the dynamism that Powell's writing holds."

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See his Web site: www.adamdonaldsonpowell.com
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