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Business Opportunities: Foreign Trade Show in Brazil
People from all over the world met in Sao Paulo this week at Intermodal 2009
Antonio Carlos Rix (carlosrix)     Print Article 
Published 2009-04-19 10:59 (KST)   
Inside the show (Thanks to professional photographer Luciana Aith)
©2009 Luciana Aith
This last Thursday was the last day of one of the second biggest foreign trade show of the Americas - Intermodal 2009. I was able to meet people from all over the world during the last three days in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two of the many Koreans I met spoke of their impressions of the show and Brazil in the video below.

In this time of crisis, individual investors and corporations are looking for places to put their money and keep it growing. Brazil has become a target because although the impact of this world crisis is felt here too, it is not as intense as in the US or EU. This is so because credit here was not an easy issue. You see, to have your house financed here you must have at least 30 percent of its total value in hand and really prove you will be able to meet your debt. This is true for almost all financed goods. Check below what the president of Santos Port CO has to say on opportunities in Brazil.

With all the action I've just witnessed I can affirm to you Brazil is a growing country with relatively good infrastructure and still a lot to be done. As the president of the Santos Port just said, the port must double in size in the next couple of years.

One note, check the photo below:

Santos Port - Lots of business opportunities ahead!
©2009 Antonio Carlos Rix
That's Santos Port, all the yellow you see is area not yet built. That area represents a doubling of the port capacity and size after it is ready.

Well, if there is a lot to be done then there is room to invest and capitalize. Furthermore, Brazil has been able to pay all its foreign debt and has grown in the scale of secure market list of some of the most important measuring offices in US and EU.

In the show I met Mr. Menotti Franceschini, with whom I did an interview in 2006. He is Softway's director, a major Brazilian software company. According to him, the first two months of 2009 were slow but the sales are back on track for the companies installed here are getting ready to grow. "The software companies along with all infrastructure industry are very good thermometers of the economy," he said. "No one is going to invest in infrastructure for nothing, growth is really at hand."

Well, apart from all the business going on, this would not be a true Brazilian foreign trade show without music. Below is a "Chorinho" to inspire you as you make plans to come and visit Brazil. Who knows, maybe for the Intermodal 2010. The performers are the Choranas group. You may see more of them at their Web site.

Ana Claudia Cesar - Cavaquinho (small guitar), Gabriela Machado - flute, Paola Pichersky - guitar, Roseli Camara - drums. Here performing Noites Cariocas from Jacob do Bandolim. (This video was taken at the Vale do Rio Doce stand, with permission of the artists.)
©2009 OhmyNews
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