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Appeal to Captors of Kidnapped Korean
365 Korean groups issue plea to spare man's life, demand troop withdrawl from Iraq
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Published 2004-06-21 16:52 (KST)   
People's Action Against the Dispatch of Korean Combat Troops to Iraq ("Iraq Pabyeong Bandae Bisang Gungmin Haengdong") is an umbrella organization of 365 Korean groups opposed to sending Korean troops to Iraq. They issued this statement in front of Cheong Wa Dae during a protest press conference Monday, at 1 p.m. KST.

An Appeal by 365 Korean Organizations to the Iraqi Group Holding a Korean National (Translation by OhmyNews)

We appeal for the release of the Korean national Kim Seon Il.

Today the Korean people were overcome with shock at the news the Korean Kim Seon Il has been kidnapped in Iraq. His seizure and the threat against the life of this private citizen is already a source of unspeakable sadness for his family and the Korean people. This sadness and shock is the same for the many Koreans who have opposed the United States' unjust invasion and the deployment of Korean troops to Iraq.

The Korean people are well aware of the fact that the US invaded Iraq for domination and oil, and not for the freedom and peace of the Iraqi people. We know also that the US occupation of Iraq has denied the Iraqi people their sovereignty and that there have been widespread human rights abuses by US forces there, leading to Iraqi pain and loss of life. For this reason we have done all that is humanly possible to prevent the deployment of Korean troops, as they will in no way contribute to the peace and security of the Iraqi people.

The kidnapping and threatening a private citizen with death, however, will not contribute to Iraqi peace. The Iraqi people are right to resist the US's unjust invasion, occupation, and carnage. Nevertheless, kidnapping and threatening a private citizen with death cannot be justified. Doing so will only lead to a vicious cycle of blood and revenge.

Again we make an earnest appeal. Please make your claims known through dialogue and release Kim Seon Il to his family as he is of no relation to government policy.

21 June 2004

Seoul, Korea

People's Action Against the Dispatch of Korean Combat Troops to Iraq

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삤뒛 븳援 援誘쇰뱾 씠씪겕뿉꽌 諛쒖깮븳 븳援씤 源꽑씪뵪쓽 뵾엻궗嫄 냼떇쓣 젒븯硫댁꽌 源딆 異⑷꺽뿉 쑊떥뒿땲떎. 븳援 誘쇨컙씤 섍꽑씪숈뵪쓽 뼲瑜섏 洹몄뿉 븳 궡빐쐞삊 洹몄쓽 媛議깃낵 援誘쇰뱾뿉寃 留먰븷 닔 뾾뒗 뒳뵒쓣 二쇨퀬 엳뒿땲떎. 뒳뵒怨 異⑷꺽 誘멸뎅쓽 遺떦븳 씠씪겕 移⑤왂怨 븳援援 씠씪겕 뙆蹂묒뿉 諛섎빐삩 븳援 援誘쇰뱾뿉寃뚮룄 留덉갔媛吏엯땲떎.

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떎떆 븳踰 媛꾧끝엳 샇냼빀땲떎. 솕瑜 넻빐 뿬윭遺꾩쓽 二쇱옣쓣 븣由ш퀬, 젙遺젙梨낃낵뒗 臾닿븳 源꽑씪뵪뒗 媛議깆쓽 뭹쑝濡 룎젮 蹂대궡二쇱떗떆삤.

2004. 6. 21

©2004 OhmyNews
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