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A Wanted Man's Photograph, Yes. A Serial Killer's Photograph, No?
[Analysis] Criminals also have to have their human rights protected
Jung Hee-jun (junktop)     Print Article 
Published 2009-02-05 15:19 (KST)   
The following is a lightly edited article from the OhmyNews English News Camp, held at our Ganghwa Island school, Jan. 31-Feb. 1. Fourteen students, aged 15-20 took part in learning the ABCs of news writing, news photography and a headline news discussion, which formed the basis of this article.  <Editor's Note>

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The suspect of the Gunpo University Student Murder has been caught. Kang Ho-soon (37) kidnapped a university student by persuading her that he would drive her home. He raped the victim and murdered her. It is shocking that he doesn't feel any guilt over what he did, and it is more shocking that he confessed that he killed six more women. Kang Ho-sun is a person with nine previous convictions.

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Kang Ho-soon was born in Choong-nam, Seocheon. He was the second among three brothers and worked as a truck driver. He married his first wife in 1992 and had two sons. However, in 1998, Kang divorced with his wife and married different women in 1999 and 2003. Again having trouble with his third wife, Kang had his fourth marriage in 2005. However, he lost his fourth wife and his mother-in-law in a fire.

"His house was not poor, and he was bright and active. I did not know he would become such a murder," said Kang's neighbor, in an interview with the Korean national daily newspaper the Chosun Ilbo. The people who knew Kang when young were all surprised that he was the malicious killer who took the lives of 7 women. His companions also mentioned that he was a kind, reliable man and said it is unbelievable.

Kang Ho-soon was identified as a psycho-pass who does not feel any guilt over the crimes they have committed. Rather than being shameless in front of the investigators, Kang was confident and asked for evidence to the investigators.
"According to the acquaintances, Kang was a faithful man during the day but was uncommonly fond of sex, and was violent at his wives," the investigator of Kang Ho-soon told reporters during a press conference.

Fourth Wife's Death, an Accident? Or a Murder?

Kang Ho-soon's fourth wife's death is also suspicious. According to an agent from Kang's insurance company, Kang tried to join an accident insurance in front of his wife. The agent mentioned no more application is available because his wife already has a life insurance which would exceed the limit if she would apply for an accident insurance.

"He did not give up trying to join the accident insurance. When I offered having himself to join the insurance, he said he would not prefer to have insurance in front of his name."

Two months later Kang's house was on fire, and only Kang escaped from the house. His wife and her mother lost their lives in the fire accident. Kang received about 500 million won as insurance money, and bought a car which was used in his murder.

However, Kang said his fourth wife was a beloved wife to him, and emphasized it was an accident. According to Kang's brother, Kang especially loved his fourth wife and had no problems during their marriage. The police are trying to find out whether his murder was planned before his wife's death, or after.

Why Don't the Police Publicize Kang's Picture?

The Constitution of Korea mentions the human rights of all people. Before Kang Ho-soon is convicted, he still is a human who has the right to be protected. However, many citizens are offended by this. Many netizens wrote comments on the Daum Agora, where people share their ideas about social issues.

"For the public safety, the citizen's should be aware of the criminal's personal information," said 'windsoul107', and 'cjs35' disputed "It is awkward that people who are wanted have their pictures open to the public, while the malicious serial killer has his right to be protected."

Several media outlets have publicized the personal information of Kang Ho-soon. "We decided to release Kang's personal information because we thought public safety is prior to a serial killer's human rights," said the chief editor of Chosun Daily Newspaper.

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