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Other articles by reporter Brian Orndorf
NO Title Reporter Date
421 'Dead Silence' Dead Awful Brian Orndorf 2007-03-17
422 'I Think I Love My Wife' Just Too Rocky Brian Orndorf 2007-03-15
423 'Premonition' Senses Mediocrity Brian Orndorf 2007-03-15
424 'The Namesake' Redeems Kal Penn Brian Orndorf 2007-03-09
425 A Kindly and Mild 'Ultimate Gift' Brian Orndorf 2007-03-07
426 '300' Ways to Lose Interest in a Film Brian Orndorf 2007-03-07
427 'The Host': A Monster Movie With Teeth Brian Orndorf 2007-03-07
428 'Full of It' Not Loaded With Laughs Brian Orndorf 2007-03-02
429 'Zodiac': The Mood of Fear Brian Orndorf 2007-03-02
430 The 'Wild Hogs' Ride! Brian Orndorf 2007-02-27
431 'Black Snake Moan' Can't Shake the Blues Brian Orndorf 2007-02-27
432 'The Abandoned' Rotten Horror Leftovers Brian Orndorf 2007-02-24
433 'Reno 911!' Heads to Miami Brian Orndorf 2007-02-23
434 'The Number 23' Doesn't Add Up to Much Brian Orndorf 2007-02-22
435 Barely a Liftoff for the 'Astronaut Farmer' Brian Orndorf 2007-02-21
436 'Amazing Grace' a Slave to Pace Brian Orndorf 2007-02-21
437 Picking the 2007 Academy Awards Brian Orndorf 2007-02-20
438 'Ghost Rider' Flames Out Brian Orndorf 2007-02-16
439 'Breach' Investigates an American Traitor Brian Orndorf 2007-02-16
440 Tyler Perry Must Be Stopped Brian Orndorf 2007-02-15
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