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Other articles by reporter Brian Orndorf
NO Title Reporter Date
461 'Code Name: The Cleaner' One to Sweep Away Brian Orndorf 2007-01-05
462 Uneasy 'Little Children' Harrowing and Beautiful Brian Orndorf 2007-01-05
463 The Ten Worst Films of 2006 Brian Orndorf 2007-01-02
464 The Ten Best Films of 2006 Brian Orndorf 2007-01-02
465 'Breaking and Entering' an Actor Love Fest Brian Orndorf 2006-12-29
466 'Miss Potter' A Pure Delight Brian Orndorf 2006-12-29
467 'Perfume' A Murderous, Intoxicating Scent Brian Orndorf 2006-12-29
468 'Pan's Labyrinth' A Visual Feast of Horror Brian Orndorf 2006-12-26
469 'Black Christmas' A Present to Return Brian Orndorf 2006-12-26
470 'Night at the Museum' an Evening to Pass On Brian Orndorf 2006-12-22
471 'Children of Men' Imagines the End of the World Brian Orndorf 2006-12-21
472 'Good Shepherd' Details the Rise of the C.I.A. Brian Orndorf 2006-12-21
473 'Letters From Iwo Jima' Tells Other Side of War Brian Orndorf 2006-12-21
474 'Rocky Balboa' Remains the Champ Brian Orndorf 2006-12-21
475 'We Are Marshall' Scores Emotional Touchdown Brian Orndorf 2006-12-19
476 'Eragon' A Dragon-Sized Stinker Brian Orndorf 2006-12-15
477 'Pursuit of Happyness' Is Will Smith's Triumph Brian Orndorf 2006-12-15
478 'The Good German' Is Mediocre George Clooney Brian Orndorf 2006-12-15
479 These 'Dreamgirls' Are Out of Tune Brian Orndorf 2006-12-13
480 'Charlotte's Web' A Tangle of Disrespect Brian Orndorf 2006-12-13
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