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Other articles by reporter Brian Orndorf
NO Title Reporter Date
481 'Unaccompanied Minors' A Rare Treat Brian Orndorf 2006-12-08
482 Take a 'Holiday' With Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet Brian Orndorf 2006-12-08
483 'Superman II' Restored in 'Richard Donner Cut' Brian Orndorf 2006-12-06
484 Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' Just More Gore Brian Orndorf 2006-12-06
485 Leonardo DiCaprio Chases the 'Blood Diamond' Brian Orndorf 2006-12-06
486 Why Does 'Van Wilder' Need a Sequel? Brian Orndorf 2006-12-02
487 Baby Jesus Bores in 'Nativity Story' Brian Orndorf 2006-12-02
488 'Turistas' a Bad Horror Vacation Brian Orndorf 2006-11-30
489 'Deja Vu' Not Silly Enough Brian Orndorf 2006-11-22
490 Tenacious D Quest for the 'Pick of Destiny' Brian Orndorf 2006-11-21
491 'The Fountain' Is Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Brian Orndorf 2006-11-21
492 'Let's Go to Prison': Miserable Brian Orndorf 2006-11-18
493 James Bond Is Brilliant in 'Casino Royale' Brian Orndorf 2006-11-17
494 'Bobby' A Night of a Thousand Stars Brian Orndorf 2006-11-16
495 'Fast Food Nation' Offers You Lies With That Brian Orndorf 2006-11-16
496 'The Return' Prompts the Viewer to Leave Brian Orndorf 2006-11-11
497 Everything You Wanted to Know About 'F*ck' Brian Orndorf 2006-11-10
498 Robert Downey Jr. Shines in 'Fur' Brian Orndorf 2006-11-10
499 'Stranger Than Fiction' Needs a Rewrite Brian Orndorf 2006-11-09
500 Russell Crowe Is Comedy Poison Brian Orndorf 2006-11-07
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