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Kyrgyz SDP Leader: Assassination Plot Thwarted
Bakyt Beshimov claims GKNB was involved in a plot to kill him
Citizen journalist Ryskeldi Satke interviewed Bakyt Beshimov, the leader of Kyrgyzstan's Social Democratic Party, who said state intelligence services were involved in a failed attempt on his life.... (Ryskeldi Satkeev)
[Interview] Zvi Schreiber, CEO of G.ho.st Inc.
Glimpse into a unique venture between Israelis and Palestinians
Zvi presents a rare picture of seamless virtual cooperation that reach over the Separation Wall that divide the Israel and Palestine. ... (Weiai Xu)
A Visitor's Fresh Impressions of Rio
[Interview] Find out why Rio de Janeiro is Rio de Janeiro
I just learned she had been to Rio recently and so I asked her: "What did you visit? What was top for you? Were you afraid of anything? How were you treated at the airport here? Tell me your impressio... (Antonio Carlos Rix)
Underdevelopment, Poverty and H1N1 Flu Virus
[Interview] Dr Francisco Hideo Aoki, infectious disease specialist, talks about Brazil's situation
We know from the news worldwide that the only real solution is international scientific cooperation and the production of a vaccine. But to face the real problem we have to act globally to put an end ... (Antonio Carlos Rix)
How Did You Feel About Obama's First 100 Days in Office?
Did mainstream media give it more importance than the people did?
Below you can see their answers. I have just copy and pasted their replies. I was surprised how hard it was to get answers. I sent more than 50 e-mails to people all over the US and got only two answe... (Antonio Carlos Rix)
[Interview] What You Need to Know About Swine Flu
Prof. Robert Bragg, Dept. of Microbial, Biochemical and Food Biotech at Uni. of Free State, SA
The normal influenza that we get is different combinations, but they don't have the increased virulence. So if you have the flu this year, you're not going to get the same strain next year... (Nicolas van der Leek)
'They Are Building a Kyrgyz Version of the Gulag'
Interview with Bakyt Beshimov, leader of Social Democratic Party parliamentary faction of Kyrgyzstan
President Bakiev has been asserting that the opposition is interfering with the work of his administration. It is clear that what is interfering with Kyrgyzstan's development is the current administra... (Ryskeldi Satkeev)
London's Digital Business Guru
An interview with Nadeem Azam, CEO of digital marketing agency Azam Marketing
There's a famous quotation from the economist John Maynard Keynes which says: "Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the ben... (Asad Yawar)
[Interview] Election Means Many Things in Indonesian Politics
Citizen reporter Maria Margaretta V.N. Hakim shares view on country's recent legislative elections
This is the third election after the era of reformation, but this is also the first time we can vote our own legislative by name. Personally I like this new system, because we can choose names that we... (Amin George Forji)
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Michael Solis
Arizona's Immigration Bill and Korea
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[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
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