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'A Smart Mob Is Not Necessarily a Wise Mob'
Text of the OhmyNews 2008 Forum keynote by Howard Rheingold
Many of you may have read my book which was published in 2002, but I will briefly explain where that came from for those of you who have not. In 2000 and 2001, I noticed that things were happening in ... (Howard Rheingold)
Candlelight 2008: New Media and Korea's Protests
OhmyNews Forum examines the latest role taken on by online communities here
Na observed how media was only scratching on the surface of the events. He felt that there was a need to show more and started a webcast diary. Many times, he found himself present when no other media... (Ida Grandas)
'Korean Bloggers, Journos Should Learn From Each Other'
'Korean Bloggers and Journalists Should Learn From Each Other'
[Interview] Kim Tae-woo, Korea's top blogger 'Technokimchi'
Korean bloggers are relatively young, and write mainly about everyday life. The bloggers are very passionate, but are not providing so much depth. People often separate blogs from media, calling it "a... (Ida Grandas)
OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters' Forum 2008
Video available for all sessions from the June 27 event in Seoul
This year's forum will focus on "Candlelight 2008" and its effects on media leadership. Korean media outlets that engaged with the "Candlelight 2008" both directly and indirectly, will actively de... (OhmyNews)
Invitation to the 4th OhmyNews Forum
OhmyNews CEO Oh Yeon-ho sends his welcome message for 'Candlelight 2008 and Media Leadership'
Many questions stem from whether this shift in the media landscape is temporary or whether it is here to stay, heralding a fundamental change in media leadership. As more and more citizens participate... (Oh Yeon-ho)
A Citizen Reporter's Take on Global Citizen Journalism
Rajen Nair looks at the emerging trends in citizen media
I think the concept and importance of citizen journalism is gaining wide recognition among global mainstream media and satellite television. At least here in India there is a realization among... (Rajen Nair)
Citizen Journalism Looks to a Better World
[Part 2] Idealism must inform netizenship
A netizen without a background in journalism, I've picked up a lot from this forum. I normally find it challenging to prepare an article and attend to an ongoing session at the same time... (Maria Margaretta Vivijanti)
Citizen Media: A Progress Report
Summary of Dan Gillmor's talk at last month's OMNI Citizen Reporters' Forum
But we have a long, long way to go. We need much more experimentation in journalism and community information projects. The business models are, at best, uncertain -- and some notable failures are dis... (Dan Gillmor)
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It's All About the Beautiful People Antonio Carlos Rix 2007/07/03 15:41
'Why Do Articles on Africa Only Show War and Poverty?' Jang Yoon-sun 2007/07/03 15:21
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My Spirit Is in Seoul Bala Muhammad Makosa 2007/06/29 11:20
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[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
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