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'Ballast' Doesn't Point Way
The film provides no markers for how to view characters
As the characters discover that who they are is larger than their circumstances, we discover a similar truth in our own life.... (Howard Schumann)
[DVD Review] 'P' Sincere But Ponderous
Another Brit-Helmed Thai horror is again not scary enough
Even if we accept the sincerity of his intentions, it does not change the fact that the movie is simply not very exciting... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
Julie & Julia
Directed by Nora Ephron (2009)
"Julie & Julia" is about the simple joys of being alive and expressing it with passion, a recipe worth devoting 365 days a year to trying... (Howard Schumann)
'Precious' Shows Abuse Society Misses
Directed by Lee Daniels (2009)
Based on the novel "Push," by Sapphire, "Precious" is melodramatic, for sure, but is also a powerful film that dramatizes a young woman's drive for selfhood in a way that not only allows us to feel he... (Howard Schumann)
Wes Anderson Renders A Fantastic 'Mr. Fox'
'Fantastic Mr. Fox' Learns Value Of Family, Community
A subversive Dahl novel is enhanced by the even more subversive Anderson, advising us that whether we are four-legged or two-legged, we should rejoice in the knowledge of how unique we truly are.... (Howard Schumann)
'A Serious Man' Asks More Than It Answers
Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen (2009)
Rather than turn inward to see why things are unfolding the way they are, Larry plays the "why me?" game, but for the fresh perspective he's seeking, it would have been better to find the God he is se... (Howard Schumann)
'Amreeka' Disappoints
A Palestinian mother and son move to the U.S. after 9/11
What could have been an excellent opportunity to explore the problems of assimilation or the treatment of minorities instead becomes a litany of cliches.... (Howard Schumann)
[DVDs] 'Blood Rain:' Pouring Red
Costume drama meets violent film noir
"Blood Rain," written by Kim Seong-jae and Lee Won-jae ("City of Violence"), is a well-structured, almost old-fashioned murder mystery transposed to the early modern Korea, a la "Name of the Rose."... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
Lee Isaac Chung's film is first ever in Kinyarwanda language
The film always feels authentic, moving seamlessly from a story of estrangement to one of spiritual redemption and ending in a fevered dream. It is a remarkable achievement that deserves to be widely ... (Howard Schumann)
'Unmistaken Child'
Directed by Nati Baratz (2008)
Shot in the villages and countryside of Nepal, "Unmistaken Child" is a film of unexcelled beauty, both physical and spiritual that left me with a glow that lasted for many days.... (Howard Schumann)
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