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Road to Korea's Denuclearization
[Opinion] US must re-engage with North Korea
The US must be creative and bold to remove the discrepant measures between the different interest of the nations. Actions must correspond with words.... (Wooksik Cheong)
On Building Trust with North Korea
Saving North Korea is less riskier option in the long-term
For the time being, the Six-Party countries should allow the North to have time to deal with its internal issues. This may seem risky. However, the riskier option is to deplete any trust that the Nor... (Jae Young Lee)
National Identities Complicate Pyongyang Policy
North Korea tests who its neighbors are
Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests reveal not only North Korea's nationalism, but they also test how changing national identities in South Korea and China shape strategic interests and ultimately s... (Leif-Eric Easley)
Grand Bargain, Not Five-Party Talks
[Opinion] Obama should extend a firm hand to North Korea
North Korea has so far betrayed the six-party talks and its leader Kim Jong-il may take the 'arduous' route designed to reinforce his ideological disposition, instead of following the 'dangerous' cour... (Lee Byung-chul)
Pyongyang Turns Back the Clock
[Opinion] Explaining North Korea's moves against Gaesong Industrial Complex
The era of relaxation and experimentation, which prompted the beginning of inter-Korean cooperation, is well and truly over. North Korea is headed for a major retreat, back to military communism.... (Leonid Petrov)
Koreans Overseas Remember 6.15 Joint Declaration
Conference discusses struggle for peace and reunification of Korean Peninsula
The Overseas Koreans Conference for Peace and Reunification of Korea was held in Washington DC to mark the 9th anniversary of the historic agreement between North and South Korea.... (Ronda Hauben)
Another Sign of North Korea's Insecurity
Pyongyang hands harsh sentence on US journalists
North Korea believes they are sending a message to the world. Its leadership is driven and motivated only by the instinct of self-preservation.... (Leonid Petrov)
US Policy Toward North Korea Fails to Engage
[Opinion] UN Security Council should be neutral in its dealings with North Korea
The failure of the UN Security Council to explore North Korea's problems in trying to check US hostility, demonstrates its inability to carry out its obligations under the UN charter... (Ronda Hauben)
Ostpolitik? Ach der lieber!
[Opinion] Oliver rebuts Krabbe's piece on 'rapprochement'
Presidents Roh Moo-hyun and Kim Dae-jung tried in good faith, but now that every Korean can see that such a policy of appeasement did not work, it is up to every South Korean to maintain a clear-eyed ... (Tom Oliver)
North Korea's Nuclear Poker Game
[Analysis] Such launches allow one of the world's poorest states to punch above its weight
Normally, the launch of a communications satellite would not necessarily invoke much of a response from the international community. There is, however, nothing normal about North Korea... (Senan James Fox)
Security Council's Ad Hoc Actions Increase Tension on Korean Peninsula
[Analysis] North Korea responds by withdrawing from six-party talks as promised
Usually, a presidential statement issued by the Security Council is considered a non-binding statement. Suddenly, the Security Council has changed its processes, using it to deny North Korea... (Ronda Hauben)
Controversy at UN Over North Korea's Launch
Reconvening six-party talks or penalizing Pyongyang?
Along with the dispute in the Security Council over whether or not the North Korea's action is an actual violation of SC Resolution 1718, there is a controversy over whether the thrust of the Security... (Ronda Hauben)
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