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Education for a Scientific Society
The future of Israeli excellence rests on investing in research
The award of a Nobel Prize to an Israeli chemist underscores deep seated fears in academic circles for the future of Israel as a modern, civil society capable of meeting the challenges presented by a ... (Yehonathan Tommer)
Negev 'Heritage Site' Vandalized
Ancient Nabatean town latest victim in struggle over illegal building
A world heritage site in the central Negev from the time of antiquity was vandalized in a late night raid on Monday and Israeli police arrested two middle aged men with suspected involvement.... (Yehonathan Tommer)
Voices After the Shots
HRW report reveals war-crimes in Gaza
After the military campaign, 54 testimonies were made public that reveal a grim attitude and violent action that transcended a purely militaristic intent.... (Davide Torri)
Taliban Attacks Kabul Before Elections
International community in a security rethink mood
The latest rocket attack in Kabul on August 4, sent alarm bells ringing especially among the international community, here to monitor the presidential and the provincial council elections scheduled to... (Bidhayak Das)
Creeping Islamization in Gaza?
Gazan Bar Association resists hijab for women lawyers
The Gazan Bar Association will fight a recent ruling by the Higher Justice Council in Gaza ordering women jurists to wear the traditional Islamic head scarf (hijab) when pleading before the courts.... (Yehonathan Tommer)
Forget the Headlines: Iraqi Freedom Deferred
[Opinion] US defers its responsibility in Iraqi quagmire
How can one claim that US ambitions in Iraq have altered if the ongoing legacy in Iraq is being perceived as a strategic mistake, rather than a moral one?... (Ramzy Baroud)
[Interview] Iran's Bestselling Author on Ahmadinejad
Farhad Jafari says Ahmadinejad may be Iran's best hope for reform
Jafari considers himself a liberal democrat and says there are misunderstandings about President Ahmadinejad and the "Reform Movement".... (Weiai Xu)
US Launches Operation Khanjar in Afghanistan
Major US offensive in Helmand crucial for Afghanistan elections
About 4,000 US marines descended into Taliban territory in an Afghan poppy-filled river valley on July 2 and launched what is being called "Operation Khanjar" (or the strike of the sword).... (Bidhayak Das)
Hamas' Political Impasse: Between Principle and Necessity
[Opinion] Hamas shouldn't follow Fatah's example
What is clear is that Hamas is sending various signals, such as its willingness to engage in dialogue with the Obama administration, and acceptance of the two-state solution.... (Ramzy Baroud)
[Interview] Students on Iran's Future
Students support reform and change
Iranian university students discussed the role of social media in the current crisis and the complex interaction of socio-political factions in Iran.... (Weiai Xu)
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Ronda Hauben
Netizens Question Cause of Cheonan Tragedy
Michael Werbowski
[Opinion] Democracy's Downfall
Michael Solis
Arizona's Immigration Bill and Korea
Yehonathan Tommer
Assassination in Dubai
[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
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