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[DVD Review] ‘The Butcher:’ Movie-Making is Butchery
The ultra-violent film may be a sick joke on filmmaking
The movie is not exactly moving or even particularly clever, but I found the proceedings surprisingly engrossing, especially if the whole thing is read as a very sick joke on the process of filmmaking... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
[DVDs] 'Blood Rain:' Pouring Red
Costume drama meets violent film noir
"Blood Rain," written by Kim Seong-jae and Lee Won-jae ("City of Violence"), is a well-structured, almost old-fashioned murder mystery transposed to the early modern Korea, a la "Name of the Rose."... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
'Air Doll' Focuses On Negatives Of City Life
Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda (2009)
The film, which took nine years from planning stages until completion, has important comments about alienation in the modern world, but at two hours the simple premise is stretched too thin.... (Howard Schumann)
'Mother:' A Must See
Directed by Bong Joon-ho (2009)
Reminiscent of the quirky, offbeat films of Alfred Hitchcock, "Mother" is an intense, witty, and engaging psychological thriller with enigmatic characters that do not just populate the screen but are ... (Howard Schumann)
Unquenchable 'Thirst'
Park Chan-wook's latest is a masterpiece of spiritual horror
"Thirst" which opened stateside on July 31, following a solid distribution deal with Universal Pictures. As the most controversial Korean film of 2009, many critics and viewers have blasted it as a pr... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
Bong Joon-ho's Latest Challeng in 'Mother'
Kim Hye-ja marvels in an overwhelming thriller
Director Bong spares no authority figure in his searing indictment of contemporary Korean society, all the more effective due to its "Animal Farm"-like tone.... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
'In Between Days'
Directed by So Yong Kim (2006)
Torn between dependence on and resentment of her mother and her dreams of reuniting with her father to whom she writes or imagines poetic letters, Aimie's problems are compounded by feelings of cultur... (Howard Schumann)
'Our Town,' Haven for a Serial Murderer
A clever thriller cannot quite overcome genre conventions
Seen in this light, "Our Town's" screenplay by Mo Hong-jin shows considerable chutzpah by directly delving into the social psychology of serial killing, putting the killer at the center of the narrati... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
'The Chaser' Is a Superb Thriller
Na Hong-jin's debut feature restores faith in Korean genre cinema
Jung-ho, as played by Kim, has a bloated, sad-sack mien with the undercurrent of hostility and desperation. Kim never once mugs for the viewer's sympathy, and yet, as the film unfolds... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
'The Suicide Song': Will It Put You to Sleep?
Harada Masato's bizarre take on J-horror is fitfully interesting
One can glean that Harada pointedly wanted to go the opposite direction from the sullen cynicism of J-horrors with similar themes, such as Sono Sion's "Suicide Club," taking to task the Japanese socie... (Kyu Hyun Kim)
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