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Balancing Work, Life, And Children
How parents manage work/life balance at a leading French company
Two parents at L'Oreal, a leading French cosmetics company, discuss how they manage to work while raising a family, with help from their employer and the state... (Andrew Gruen)
More than policy is needed to raise birthrates
OECD economist Adema says cultural changes are required
Korean women are forced to choose between a family and a career; the only way to raise birthrates is to make women feel they can do both, according to Willem Adema, an economist with the OECD.... (Andrew Gruen)
The European Dream: 2 Children
OhmyNews reports from France on the country's high birthrate
In the first story of OhmyNews' year-long series "Reporting the European Dream," a team of reporters, citizens, and experts arrive in Paris to examine the high birthrate in that country, and what Kore... (Andrew Gruen)
Happy 10th Birthday to OhmyNews
Creating a 21st Century Form of Journalism
Web-research pioneer and OhmyNews columnist Ronda Hauben wishes the organization a happy 10th anniversary, and tells how some of her stories for the Web site helped to change her world... (Ronda Hauben)
[Opinion] America Can Be Asia’s Copilot
N. Korean nuclear arms talks show China's regional power
As Washington's hesitates, Pyongyang's nuclear ambition mushrooms, according to Lee Byong-Chol. He asks why Mr. Obama and his foreign policy team find it so hard to achieve North Korea's denuclearizat... (Lee Byong-Chol)
Korea's HIV/AIDS Policies, Empty Promises
Government maintains mandatory testing despite lifting travel ban
In January, both the Republic of Korea and the United States lifted travel bans on HIV-positive people. But does it mean the same thing in both countries? Michael Solis suggests not... (Michael Solis)
Korea's "Comfort Women" Rally at 900th Protest
Survivors of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Seek Apology
Bundled up against a temperature of 3°F, survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery, also known as the "comfort women," gathered on Jan. 13 for their 900th weekly protest... (Michael Solis)
[Opinion] Dictating Nuclear Terms
Renegotiating the ROK-US nuclear agreement
In order to transform the nuclear energy debate framed in 1970s into that of the 21st century, there is no reason that the U.S. can't communicate better with South Korea, its major ally in Northeast A... (Lee Byong-Chol)
Why do we study Korea?
Austrialia considers why, how to build links with Korea
Australians, North Americans, and European's interest in Korea's dynamic present and promising future that stimulates curiosity about its tumultuous history, says Leonid Petrov, writing from Australia... (Leonid Petrov)
Never Underestimate Local Knowledge
Google to 'Koreanize' its local homepage
Google's famed front page is optimized for sequential online search. In contrast, the implicit message embedded in the design of Korean portals seems to be that you will surf but spatially, like scann... (Jean K. Min)
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Netizens Question Cause of Cheonan Tragedy
Michael Werbowski
[Opinion] Democracy's Downfall
Michael Solis
Arizona's Immigration Bill and Korea
Yehonathan Tommer
Assassination in Dubai
[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
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