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Assassination in Dubai
The blurred trail of mideast power politics?
Evidence linking the Israeli Mossad to the assassination of former Hamas chief military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai over a month ago grows more knotted and murky as the days go by.... (Yehonathan Tommer)
UN Votes For Goldstone Report, Again
12 Security Council members, up from 5, show support
OhmyNews' featured writer at the United Nations discusses another vote on the Goldstone Report... (Ronda Hauben)
Italians Seek Kyrgyz President's Financial Advisor
Court makes accusation of money laundering, criminal conspiracy
A scandal is growing over the involvement of a top advisor to the president of Kyrgzstan's involvement in a multi-billion international fraud scheme in Italy.... (Ryskeldi Satke)
The Biggest Billionaires, Listed
Analysis of the Forbes list of billionaires
Who are the world's wealthiest people? Where do they live? How did they make their money? Alfredo Ascanio discusses key points from the latest Forbes special report... (Alfredo Ascanio)
[Essay] Israel versus Gaza
Fifteen Months and the 'Goldstone Report' Later
Three recent events addressed Israel's recent war in Gaza. Jay Hauben discusses the implications of each... (Jay Hauben)
Obama Is Victorious In Health Battle
Health care is reformed after 50 years of deadlock
U.S. President Barack Obama now has his first, historic political achievement to begin his legacy; he is the first Democrat to achieve the dream of health coverage for nearly all Americans.... (Alfredo Ascanio)
Ambiguities In Romania's Past, Present, Future
After the revolution, the country is still finding its way
Twenty years after the end of communism in Romania, John Horvath says many of the old players are still in the game -- and that the ideals of the revolutionaries have yet to be achieved... (John Horvath)
Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill
Threats to the lives of Uganda's LGBT community
Michael Solis examines the layers of criticism that surround the proposed anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda. ... (Michael Solis)
[Opinion] Governing By Triumphalism
How politically similar are Spain and Venezuela?
Both Zapatero and Chavez are increasingly captive in their own ideologies, without realizing that, at any time political models may fail.... (Alfredo Ascanio)
[Opinion] A Swine Flu Post-Mortem
Questions remain in the aftermath of H1N1
What reportedly began in Mexico last spring, in Vera Cruz state at an industrial pork farm, was then upgraded to a global health crisis. Should it have been?... (Michael Werbowski)
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Ban Ki-moon on Goldstone Report Progress Ronda Hauben 2010/02/08 10:44
The Great Global Arms Bazaar Michael Werbowski 2010/02/04 11:51
In Zimbabwe, Climate Change Brings Water Woes Masimba Biriwasha 2010/01/27 17:37
Freedom House: Kyrgyzstan Rated "Not Free" Ryskeldi Satkeev 2010/01/27 14:52
'Revolving Door' Israeli Labor Economics Yehonathan Tommer 2010/01/27 11:19
Friends Remember Haiti-Based U.N. Worker Ronda Hauben 2010/01/25 10:40
Right, Left, in my step! Yehonathan Tommer 2010/01/22 13:28
[Opinion] Prorogation Nation in Crisis Michael Werbowski 2010/01/18 13:56
The New, "Assertive" China Proloy Kumar Bagchi 2010/01/18 13:20
[Interview] U.S. Journalist Thomas Goltz Ryskeldi Satkeev 2010/01/11 19:23
Nestle Reopens Harare Plant Thondhlana Barnabas 2010/01/08 11:08
[Opinion] Lift Sanctions on Zimbabwe Isaac Hlekisani Dziya 2010/01/04 16:10
2010 In Brazil Antonio Carlos Rix 2010/01/04 15:08
Kyrgyz Secret Service Linked To Journalist's Death Ryskeldi Satkeev 2010/01/04 14:23
Netanyahu Seeks National Unity Yehonathan Tommer 2010/01/04 13:51
Abu Hadid: P.A. "Credible Peace Partner" Yehonathan Tommer 2009/12/25 02:12
[Opinion] Combat Poverty With The Sun Lim Kong Soon 2009/12/25 01:48
Independent Kyrgyz Reporter Dead Ryskeldi Satkeev 2009/12/22 00:59
Bethlehem Looks Hopefully To Future Yehonathan Tommer 2009/12/21 17:31
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Ronda Hauben
Netizens Question Cause of Cheonan Tragedy
Michael Werbowski
[Opinion] Democracy's Downfall
Michael Solis
Arizona's Immigration Bill and Korea
Yehonathan Tommer
Assassination in Dubai
[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
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